Interbike 2007

Well, we made it. Too bad my laptop didn’t. Four hundred miles strapped to the back of a motorcycle, and it appears to be toast. So I’ve managed to check my mail from the media center, but all my reporting will have to be done from the comfort of my home computer.

Go check, as Fritz is sitting next to me with his working laptop. He’s not even smug about it.

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Fritz has a laptop? I just assumed that he was blogging from Interbike on a giant Sun workstation that he trailered to Vegas.

Seriously though, sorry to hear about the fried computer.


Don’t tell anybody, but I was using the laptop provided by Sun.

I offered to let Brian use the laptop, but he said he’d just do it from home.

Brian, I hope your trip was prosperous!


Don’t worry Fritz, your secret is safe. You and James are the only ones that read my blog. As far as the trip being prosperous, I think I did ok there. I just need to get some rest and start posting.

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