If You Support IMBA, Pat Yourself On The Back

If you support IMBA, you probably got this email today. And if you don’t support IMBA, now would be a good time to start.

– Brian


On behalf of IMBA’s trail building crews and mountain bikers everywhere ‘” thank you so much!

Your support of IMBA’s efforts through membership, donations and volunteerism helps fund vital trail building projects like these.

Your donations pay for singletrack, gravity trails, pump tracks and parks ‘” lines for every style of mountain biking that will be resources for neighborhoods, communities and businesses for decades to come.

Gifts of $10, $100 ‘” and especially those $1,000 checks help IMBA and its affiliates get more Americans off the couch and out biking great trails.

You’re part of a mountain biking movement that’s showing policymakers that trails are important to you, especially in a recession.

Trails are your escape and your playground. They’re worth every mountain biker’s investment. And that’s vital right now since Congress may slash the $85 million Recreatonal Trails Program this year.

That means weak government funding for new trails, let alone money to maintain the ones we already have.

As mountain bikers we have to fund our own trails.

Check out where we are building right now and please ask your riding buddies to show some trail love too.

Again, thanks for doing your part to build the world’s best trails.


‘” Chris Bernhardt, Director of Trail Solutions Services

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