Liberty Bottleworks And The Ripple Effect

If you’re merely thirsty, then Liberty Bottleworks is just another water bottle company. But if you’re thirsty for change, then continue reading.

They are the only water bottle made 100% in the USA (Yakima, Washington) and out of 100% recycled aluminum. The shape of the bottle, its quarter-turn lid, and the printing process used are all patented and were also designed in the USA. Liberty also supports local artists by using their work on the bottles. In turn they donate a percentage of the sales to a charity of the artist‘s choosing.

Their factory is designed to be as environmentally responsible as possible. In addition to using only recycled aluminum, all of the scrap gets melted back down and made into bottles. Waste water is cleaned so it can be used again. All their machinery is American-made. The advanced printing process they utilize is unique to the industry and allows intricate digital designs to be applied directly to the bottle, eliminating the need for the labels on which their competitors rely.

The bottles themselves are BPA-free inside and out, and are treated with flexible food grade coatings. They have a patent-pending ¼-turn cap that provides an audible click when closed, which eliminates the threads where yucky stuff seems to grow in other bottles. Shaped similar to a wine bottle, they pour smoothly. Lightweight aluminum construction resists damage and is easy to recycle.

Now to that ripple effect. Liberty chose to keep the design and production in America. They reach out to returning military and offer them jobs. This strengthens their community, but more importantly, they want to show that this example can be applied to other businesses. Hire the unemployed. Manufacture locally. Engage your community. Support charitable organizations with donations of time and money. Build a better country, one business at a time.

If you’d like to buy a great product and support a company like this, pick up a Liberty Bottleworks bottle at REI, Whole Foods, or via their website –


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