InterBike 2007

Meh, I’ve got nothing to post this week. I’m remodeling my home office, and don’t have time to post anything substantial.

But I will be attending InterBike 2007! Check back for bike porn at the end of September.

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Paul in Cin City

Droooolll…InterBike, I’m like Homer Simpson with a picture of a donut. Please don’t tell us that’s all the posts until September. Despite the unpredictable posting rate, this is one of my favorite bike blogs. I think it’s the lack of hyperbole.

Congratulations on remodeling the home office. I just rearranged mine so that there is a feeling of room. A garage sale/charity giveaway/ garbage dump feels imminent. Hopefully as little as possible will go to Mt. Rumpke (the local landfill). I don’t even have comfortable room to work on my bikes in the basement, since my wife has this crazy idea that cars belong in the garage.

If we’re not going to hear from Industry Outsider until InterBike, copious amounts of photos would help. Please?


Please take lots of pictures of nerdy, utility-ish bikes for me. 🙂

Paul in Cin City

Yeah, Donna managed to say in 11 words what I meant to say, yet took 3 paragraphs. Helmet off to Donna!


Be sure to join up at the Blogger Meetup, Brian.

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