Sucks to be the winner

Fark me, can’t we just have a winner in the Tour de France without all the doping controversy?

I didn’t even get to start my post about Contador taking home a very hollow victory before someone accused him of doping. Not to discredit his efforts, but there seems to be a general consensus that he would not have won if it were not for Rasmussen getting the boot. And now he’s in the crosshairs.

This really casts our sport in a bad light. Whoever said bad press is better than no press got it all wrong. I don’t regret boycotting the tour this year, as it’s hard to be happy for anyone at this point. On that note, it was at least good to see Levi Leipheimer up there on the podium. Hopefully, we’ll be able to boast an American that doesn’t test positive.

Perhaps all the publicity will put an end to performance enhancing drugs, and next year’s Tour will be worth watching.

Hey, I can dream. 😀

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Paul in Cin City

I think this is happening in every sport, for the most part. At least there have been no bicycle racers caught promoting dog fighting. Gggrrrrr…..

Media makes the winner the only important competitor. Money does the same. I would be more excited to read about the underdog that competed better than expected. Give me the Jamaican Bobsled team of the Tour and I’d be there (in spirit).

Major Taylor weeps.

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