Intersection911 video

A friend in Oregon hooked me up with this video, titled Be Kind, Don’t Leave a Rider Behind. I’ve always got a tool kit, pump, patches, and spare tubes when I ride, but this actually reminded me to throw a pump and a roadside repair kit into my car as well.

Riding or driving, we should all help each other out when we can.

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Yokota Fritz

That’s pretty sweet to promote this. I almost always offer help when I see a cyclist in distress.


That is so completely retarded. It takes the two most basic things in life – be prepared and help other people – and complicates them in an unwatchable waste of time.

If you ride enough you should ride with a kit. If you see another rider at the side of the road, you do what 99.9 percent of people do anyway, ask them if they need help. They will either say yes or no.


JK – Not every one is prepared, and not everyone will stop to help other people. And this video is a reminder of that. If it prompts someone to remember their patch/tool kit, or to stop and help another cyclist, it’s worth the 1:08 of their time.

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