Capture Stable, Quality Photos and Video on ANY SmartPhone

I got this email the other day from cycling legend Steve Boehmke. He’s the designer of this product, and I’m sharing it with our readers, since it seems like a pretty cool idea, and something many of us could actually use.

– Brian

Fullerton, CA (CFEpr+) June 6, 2012 — With the advent of professional-level photography and video capability in the latest smartphones, ANYCASE
has created a tripod adapter that will fit any iPhone in any case, and will work with most other smartphones as well.


The ANYCASE tripod adapter allows you to capture anycasebacklife’s most important experiences in a
professional way that will bring lasting memories,
without shaky hand-held results. There are other
tripod adapters out there for smart phones, but
most of them are flimsy plastic or don’t allow you
to use your phone with a case on it.


Each ANYCASE adapter is CNC (Computer
Numerically Controlled) anycasehtcmachined out of aircraft-
grade 6061 aluminum, to International ISO 9001
standards to +/- two thousands of an inch at an
aircraft machining facility in Southern California.
It’s then anodized at another facility, and etched at
yet another one. Finally it is packed and shipped
from our offices. Total American Precision.


The ANYCASE adapter fits phones with (or without) anycasedots cases up to 17mm (.66″) thick. The adapter is 114mm (4.5″) wide. Designed for any generation iPhone, we’ve also used it with many other brands of smartphones. IT WILL ALSO WORK WITH YOUR NEXT PHONE!


The ANYCASE adapter secures your phone with anycases
a machined nylon screw that keeps your phone secure at any angle, and three 3M rubber pads
that have a hi-tech super-grip microdot pattern
to protect your phone and keep it from slipping
in any direction.

By supporting us on Kickstarter, you’ll be helping
out a company that helps you capture dreams,
family, business and pleasure on your smartphone like no other product on the market.

ANYCASE adapters are available through our KickStarter campaign from now until July 6th.


ANYCASE iPhone Tripod Adapter
ANYCASE iPhone Tripod Adapter

Designed to allow everyone to capture dreams and moments on their smartphones, the ANYCASE tripod adapter lets you take stable, professional-quality photos and video that will provide lasting memories. Conceived, machined, finished and shipped from Southern California, ANYCASE is committed to bringing business back to America.

Please support ANYCASE on KickStarter and keep your eyes open for more groundbreaking products from us in the near future.

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