Review: FootBalance Insoles – Pamper Your Feet For Less

Most of us have probably been there: it’s a beautiful day and the outdoors are calling, but your feet hurt so bad you can’t get yourself out there, or doing what you love will surely cause them to hurt tomorrow.  Foot pain is like some evil super genius with the ultimate goal of never letting us do any of the things we enjoy, and it is unfortunately effective.  Custom insoles have long been a good solution for many people, but because of price and availability issues most people have just dealt with the pain (giving up some of the things they love) instead of going through the hassle.  FootBalance could be the answer for those of us struggling with this problem.  By offering custom insoles that are actually formed to your feet in only 10 or 15 minutes at a cost of about $80, they could be the superhero to thwart your foot pain.

The insoles offered by FootBalance are not like the ones that you can get at your local megastore.  FootBalance insoles are molded directly from your foot so that they are completely custom, rather than just having 8 or 10 options to choose from.  Also, each foot is molded individually, so differences between your left and right foot is no big deal, unlike buying a pair of “custom insoles” that are identical to one another.  When you go in and see a FootBalance expert, they give you a free foot analysis which shows you where you need additional support, whether you have problems with overpronation or supination (whether you walk on the inside or outside of your feet and how that effects the alignment of your body, basically), and how to best address the problem.  Your insoles will be custom molded and ready to go in your shoes (still warm from the molding process) before you realize the process is finished.

I was able to test out a pair of the Dynamic Blue style of insoles, which is designed to be the most universal line.  They look nice, and installation or switching them into different shoes is a breeze.  They slide in easily, yet have enough grip on the bottom that they won’t be moving around inside your shoes.  But the big question is, do they help?  When first using FootBalance insoles, I noticed that my feet were much more sore (and especially so if major corrections are needed for one reason or another, such as for high arches or bunions), which is why they suggest gradually working your way into using them full time. Even before the period of adjustment was over, FootBalance insoles made every shoe more comfortable.  These insoles really start to shine after your feet have become accustomed to them, though.  Walking and standing for long periods of time has had a much smaller impact on my feet, legs, and back.  A lot of the pressure points that many runners complain about should also be resolved, since the FootBalance inserts are designed to give your feet (and therefore the rest of your body) a much more healthy alignment.

FootBalance insoles are a great way to make each and every shoe that you own more comfortable and solve that nagging foot pain that keeps you from doing what you love.  At $80 a pair (which should last a year if you take good care of them), these insoles are a small investment in your overall health and will get you outdoors more often.  They also offer different styles for different types of activities.  Some are designed for dress shoes (even high heels for the ladies), some for bicycle and soccer cleats, while others offer great support for high impact activities.  With Father’s Day coming up, it might not be a bad idea to take dad with you and buy a pair for him as well.  Check out the FootBalance website to find a location near you and look at their entire line of insoles.

– David

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