Stuff Dad Would Like, But Probably Hasn’t Heard Of

If you’re looking for some original and useful gift ideas, today is your lucky day. There’s a good chance that you and dad didn’t even know these products existed, but that doesn’t make them any less appealing.

Rogue Wallets have a curved edge, which fits comfortably in your front pocket. This patented design not only offers extra security, but does wonders for your spinal alignment, especially if you’ve been sitting on a wallet for years. Although they offer a variety of interesting and unusual materials, the Rogue Wallet Navigator is a fairly unique concept, even to the brand. It’s a slim (1/4″ thick) wallet, with a small compass built into one corner. At first glance, that may sound anachronistic, until our contact at Rogue kindly pointed out that it’s not just to keep you from getting lost when you’re off the grid, but as a reminder to get outside. We like that. Just like we appreciate proven technology that doesn’t require batteries. Inside, you’ll find a clear window for your ID, and several slots for credit cards and photos, as well as a full-length opening for cash.

One of the reasons we’re including this item in our gift suggestions is because it was a dad that designed it. And dads know what dads want.  If you haven’t found that perfect gift yet, we suggest that you head over to the Rogue Wallet website and take a look at the Navigator, as well as the rest of their offerings. You’ll find plenty of tasteful wallets, as well as passport holders. Some of them even include WalletGuard, which is Rogue Wallet’s RFID-blocking technology, for the dad that travels. Order by the 14th of June, and they’ll even give you free First Class postage in the US. (If my kids happen to read this, please note that this dad would be very pleased to receive the  Navigator)

RIBZ Front Pack is a perfect way to carry some extra gear with a backpack, or on its own.  Designed for hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, fishing – pretty much any outdoors activity where you need critical gear in a fast & ready location.  We like the fact that RIBZ redistributes the load for increased comfort and better balance.

No matter the activity, your most used and essential gear becomes easier to access, because it’s stored in front of you, rather than on your back. You can also ditch your pack at base camp, keeping just the most important backpacking gear on you. This saves time and keeps everything you need right where you need it.  The more even weight distribution creates a more comfortable pack configuration, as the front pack helps in relocating up to 10 pounds for a better balanced load. Better balance provides for better posture while increasing mobility.

Think of the time you’ll save, not having to stop and dig into your backpack. Keep your essentials pre-packed within RIBZ, and you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice. Whether you are heading out for a short day hike, a multi-day overnighter, or any activity where you take your backpack – you‘ve got your most critical gear ready for anything.

The RIBZ front pack is constructed of Cordura™210d water resistant ripstop nylon. The front pack is quite light, at  approximately ten ounces. All components are water resistant and have proven their durability under extreme  conditions. With an average storage capacity of between 500 and 700 cubic inches, you can comfortably carry up to 10 pounds in the front packs.

Centralize your essentials and simplify your time.

– Brian

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