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It’s no secret that I like to cook (and eat). I also like well-designed, high quality goods that are made to last. So I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Jacob Bromwell website, in the hopes that my kids will take a hint this coming Father’s Day, and get me something cool for camping, or even just cooking at home.

For anyone not familiar with the company, they have been offering American made housewares since 1819. If you appreciate handcrafted products, you’ll probably be as captivated as I am. Even if you’re not looking for a classic tin cup, pyramid toaster, or popcorn popper whose design must date back some 200 or so years, it’s hard not to get a touch of nostalgia for the simpler times. I have no idea where to find chestnuts these days, but if I want to roast some over a fire, they’ve got me covered. The site also makes a good resource for anyone interested in learning how we did things before microwaves, natural gas, and electric stove tops.

In the event that my children don’t take the hint, I’ll still find something for myself,  which I’ll eventually pass on to them. No doubt these enduring designs will last for years to come. They’re covered by the very rare, no questions asked, lifetime guarantee. Check out their best sellers here – Jacob Bromwell

[editor’s note: this is one of our affiliates, but it would be a favorite even if it wasn’t]

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