Progress in San Francisco

Found this article about folding bikes now being allowed on San Francisco Muni Metro Trains and buses. It’s a small step, but a step forward nonetheless.

There has been some argument that no bikes of any kind should be allowed on public transportation, due to crowding. I find this interesting, because a folded bike doesn’t take up much more space than a human being. But a folding bike doesn’t have bad breath, body odor, or poor manners. I’d rather share a ride with a bicycle than someone who hasn’t showered in a few days.  So much for the argument against, at least in my book.

Naturally, the argument for allowing folding bikes is rather simple. Not everyone has convenient access to a train or bus. Sure, a cyclist could lock their bike up wherever they catch public transport, but what if the bus or train doesn’t travel all the way to their final destination? A bicycle allows them to not only get to the station, depot, or stop, but also bridges the distance at the other end as well.  The article further points out that this change means cyclists who happen to travel by folding bike, with no intention of using public transport, now have a contingency plan in the event of foul weather or a mechanical issue. So the reach of this measure technically goes even farther than expected.

Progress. Seems like a win all around.


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