JerseyBin – Because The Outdoors Can Get Wet And Dirty

Since May is National Bike Month, and May 14th through the 18th is bike to work week, it seems like the perfect opportunity to spotlight some cycling gear. Our buddy Rob over at JerseyBin must have read our minds, because he sent us some of his handy waterproof cases for us to review. And he made sure to include a couple extra, so we can do another giveaway.

So what is a JerseyBin? It’s a heavy duty (10 gauge) clear vinyl pouch, that’s designed to carry your phone or personal items like cash, car keys, and ATM/credit card while you’re out playing hard. The 2012 models are created using new dies that “double seal” the seams, for extra durability. And because the vinyl is highly polished, you can see your phone’s screen clearly through it, plus it works with touch screens. We tested it on an average size Android phone (below) and I was able to tap out a name from my contact list, then speak a message into the texting app, which it translated correctly. Through the vinyl. Next, we put our test phone (an old, dead phone) in the JerseyBin, slid it shut, and dropped it into a sink full of water. No bubbles to indicate a breach, even when fully submerged. Mountain bikers and sweaty roadies, take note. The JerseyBin was designed to fit the back pocket of your cycling jersey, but it can be be used for any outdoors activity where you need your phone handy, and don’t want to expose it to the elements. Other reviews have indicated that it holds up well over the long term, unlike that plastic bag that most of us have tried at least once, with limited success.

Naturally, you can also use the JerseyBin to hold other valuables. To accommodate different needs, they are offered in four sizes: The Mini Bin is 5.75″ x 4″, the Mid Bin is slightly longer at 6″ x 4″, the Trim Bin is longer, but narrower at 7″ x 3.75″, and the Big Bin is an all around roomy 7″ x 4.75″. Pricing is extremely reasonable for the amount of protection offered, with all of them falling between $6.25 and $6.50. One really nice feature is that JerseyBin offers customization on orders as small as 100 units. So if you own a shop, are part of a club, or are sponsoring an event, they’re an attractive alternative to water bottles or t-shirts. (Check their website for some of the clubs as well as high profile brands that have ordered custom JerseyBins)

Each JerseyBin comes with simple directions for opening, closing, and storing contents. There are also some suggestions on how to restore the shape, should that be necessary. And it boasts one of our favorite qualities – it’s made in America. They have quite a few international distributors too, but production is done in the US. Finally, they offer a pretty good guarantee – you can return yours within seven days for a refund, including return postage, and there’s a 30 day warranty against manufacturing defects. Check the website for full terms as well as pricing.

– Brian

So how about we give a couple away? One to an reader, and one to a member. Rules are simple enough – IndustryOutsider readers, post a comment telling what you’ll put in it, and what activity you’ll use it for. TwoSpoke members, pledge to ride to work this week. If you can’t commute, at least get a ride in before sundown on Friday. Contest ends on or about midnight, May 18th, and is open to residents of the continental US. Good luck!

(TwoSpoke contest thread)

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I’ll be using it for cycling as well as out on the boat! It’ll be carrying cell phone, cash and ID:)


I would use this to hold my ID, phone, and a bit of cash. I would use this everyday on my ride

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