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Bad Nauheim, May 4th, 2012 -Velo Saddles, world leading designer and manufacturer of bicycle saddles and accessories, is moving forward in 2012 with their new rider and product relevant New Heroes Campaign for their performance saddle brand, Senso. A logical next- step in Velo‘s ongoing commitment to young and dynamic cycling teams the world over, Velo is now actively supporting the athletes themselves to develop and achieve their full championship potential. These exceptionally talented, budding young riders are Senso‘s new torch holders.

Velo‘s New Heroes: young, courageous, striving for Gold

Choosing the most promising young prodigies in the freestyle, BMX, cross and road racing disciplines under Velo sponsorship, the saddle manufacturer has selected talent from amateur teams throughout the USA and Europe. Barely out of their teens, the athletes have been chosen not only for their exceptional skill and victories, but also their unprecedented drive and pursuit of excellence -they are true ambassadors for Velo‘s commitment to the sport, and the New Heroes Campaign Velo‘s applause for youth as they “go for Gold“.

Destined for Great Things

Enthusiastic to help young athletes achieve their goals and maximize their potential, Senso‘s New Heroes Campaign has been called to life to meet the ever-growing need for cyclists determined to make their way to the very top of the sport. “Velo is proud to sponsor these budding young talents in their development, guiding and supporting them as they pit their talents against the other bests of the sport to attain real greatness,” explains Ann Chen, Director of Global Sales for Velo. “While major race winners and established champions enjoy pampering from manufactures lining up to cater to them, Velo has made their commitment to cycling‘s young emerging stars.”

Saddles to Win

The perpetually crucial task of every saddle manufacturer is meeting the stringent demands of high achieving cyclists and their requirements for state-of-the-art equipment. Velo‘s intense work with this new generation of cyclists is rewarded with rock hard expertise in this chaallenging cycling segment. With alpha-level drive, these athletes are profiting from each other in their New Age cycling disciplines, led by Maris Strombergs, the first Olympia Gold Winner of his kind and eldest team member, who is contributing his unprecedented international track experience. For Velo, the New Heroes Campaign is a further personalization in the brand positioning of their top competition saddle: right out in front where the real cycling action is.

Model heroes for today‘s youth and youthful

Senso‘s young athletes mirror the quest of today‘s youth for an individual, free -and free riding -lifestyle. Taking the hard road to non-traditional, breathtaking victories, they are role models for their peer group -claiming affinity and loyalty as they meet today‘s demand for integrity, self-respect and fair play: The New Heroes are figureheads for a demanding generation seeking new expression for traditional values.

Multi-level fan activity via diverse fan-friendly media

Web 2.0 savvy themselves, Velo is riding on the powerful wave of Social Media and other modern communication vehicles to interface with the athletes‘ own pages, websites and blogs on Facebook, Twitter, etc., giving fans access to in-depth reports, videos and information regarding the athletes‘ activities. The Velo World and New Heroes web pages are a “second home” page for Velo‘s sponsored athletes within the Velo Internet framework:

The New Heroes Line-up:

Kevin Aiello, 21 years old, KHS Junior Development Team, USA; Discipline: BMX
Gesa Brüchmann, 21 years old, Stevens 1A Cross Team, Germany; Discipline: Cyclocross
Thomas Genon, 18 years old, UMF Team, Belgium; Disciplines: Dirt, Slope and BMX
Tanja Hendrysiak, 23 years old, UMF Team, Germany; Disciplines: 4X, BMX Race and DH
David Herman, 23 years old, Free Agent Team, USA; Discipline: BMX
Clemens Kaudela, 21 years old, UMF Team, Austria; Disciplines: Dirt and Slope
Dominik Raab, 26 years old, UMF Team, Austria; Disciplines: Street and Everything; BMX
Maris Strombergs, 25 years old, from Latvia, Free Agent Team, USA; Discipline: BMX

About Velo

Velo Enterprise, founded in 1979 by Stella Yu, is driven by the vision to create perfect saddles for all types of demanding cyclists. Today, Velo is one of the world‘s leading designers and manufacturers of quality saddles, grips and handlebar tapes. Last year, Velo manufactured more than 15 million saddles in its four factories in Taiwan and China.
Velo‘s mission is to support all cycling enthusiasts who value a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Recognizing that comfortable cycling often comes down to the saddle, Velo is determined to create products which suit the personal preference of every rider. Being especially committed to a sustainable environment, all products are manufactured with environmentally certified materials and processes.

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