John Forester needs to retire

Really. To publish 6000+ words on his site, where he picks apart anyone from that disagrees with him and his “Vehicular cycling”, takes a lot of nerve. The fact that he chose to publish that on his own site, where others are unable to post their comments, hints at his inability to accept criticism. He also refers to the forums as an “email group”, which I find amusing. With over 65,000 members, it’s a bit more than that. He also continues to reference reports and data that indicate we should all ride our bikes as though they were cars, and bikeways (paths, lanes, and routes) can do no good.

Hey, skew your data any way you want. The fact remains that we all have different skill levels and different comfort zones, there is no “one size fits all” way to ride. And if it wasn’t for bike lanes, a lot less people would be riding.

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Bravo, sir!


This is ridiculous. There’s a wide-open forum ripe for discussion. He obviously knows about it and visits it, but decides to take his rebuttals out-of-band.

I’m not sure why he did this other than cowardice. He’s not uncomfortable with forums in general because he posts in other places.


I agree wholeheartedly!

Mr. Smashy


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