Keep Your Cool with the Castelli Climber’s 2.0 Jersey

Castelli Climber’s 2.0 Jersey

The hottest months of the year are here. Be prepared with the Castelli Climber‘s 2.0 Jersey. The Castelli Climber’s 2.0 Jersey is not just a rebrand of the original Climber‘s Jersey. It is a total redesign, and the gains made with the redo are obvious when comparing the two.

I purchased the original Castelli Climber‘s Jersey a few years ago. Even with the expensive price tag, it is one of my least worn jerseys. It was light and airy, but I have issues with the cut, fit, and materials. I found the torso to be a bit too loose. The material is light and stretches, but the cut and usage of the materials results in sagging pockets which are especially noticeable when out of the saddle and climbing. The Castelli Climber‘s 2.0 is so different from the original that I honestly feel the jersey should have been renamed to separate it from what I feel was a failed first attempt at nailing a jersey targeted towards slower slogs uphill in warm weather.

This is the coolest jersey I have ever worn. Its breathability truly sets a benchmark for others to strive to attain. The positioning and usage of mesh panels keeps the air coming through, even on low speed ascents. I chose the black and red version of the jersey because the lighter colors show dirt from gravel riding. The black should theoretically be hotter than the lighter colors, but It‘s hard to imagine that the jersey could be any cooler.

Castelli Climber’s 2.0 Jersey Back Side

The fit of the 2.0 is overall improved. It is an aerodynamic race fit based on their other aero jerseys. The stretch of the material allows it to fit closely without being restrictive. That said, like my experience with other Castellis, it is necessary to size up from your usual American sizing. As a warning, if you‘re embarrassed about a little extra insulation on your six pack and like your jersey to hide it for you, this is not the one for you.

With the improved fit of the jersey, even heavy pockets don’t sag, no matter if you are seated or standing. All items stay in place thanks to a combination of a better pocket design and an overall better cut. Yet, the jersey is still incredibly light. The XL I weighed came in at 3.9 ounces. This is impressive for an XL jersey with a full-length zipper.

I have yet to wear the 2.0 on a long sunny ride, so I‘m still somewhat cautious and curious about how well the mesh panels will protect the skin. I do remember seeing Froome with quite a sunburn after some of his first experiences with Rapha‘s mesh jersey, so this is something I will follow-up with concerning this jersey. If any of you have experience with it, please comment below.

As the weather warms, I am glad I added the Castelli Climber‘s 2.0 Jersey to my arsenal. It’s improved in every way over its predecessor. It is not only extremely breathable, but it fits well. Though labeled a climber‘s jersey, there is no reason why this isn‘t a great jersey for all rides. I‘ll definitely be getting a lot of use from it this summer. You can find it at several online retailers for around $129.

Some like it hot. I don‘t. And now I‘ll be turning to the Castelli Climber‘s 2.0 Jersey to keep me cool.

– Alex (Steak Sauce)

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