Cenote from Polar Bottle now available!

Polar Bottle launches Cenote – first hydration system with 4 recyclable reservoirs


Start your adventure with a fresh Cenote reservoir.  Responding to pleas from customers for a reservoir that did not require cleaning, the hydration innovators at Polar Bottle developed Cenote.  Cenote is the first hydration system with recyclable reservoirs and the only one with 4-pack value and convenience. Durable but priced even for a single use, Cenote at last makes cleaning optional. The freedom doesn‘t stop there, “Having four reservoirs encourages people to use Cenote differently. We‘ve seen customers bring Cenote to concerts and music festivals as well as on hikes and bike rides. They are also no longer scared about filling their reservoir with sports or protein drinks as well as water. The options are endless,” enthuses Robert Heiberger, Polar Bottle Founder and Cenote product designer.

To communicate this new “Freedom to adventure” and stand out in store, Cenote now has bold saffron and red packaging. The package design and messaging were based on focus group feedback about the positive emotions consumers feel about their outdoor experiences.  Cenote fits most hydration packs and is free of BPA and all chemical coatings. The system is leak free, lightweight and taste free. Vitally, for experienced hydration pack users, Cenote features a responsive, high flow bite valve.  The Cenote four pack is available in both 2L and 3L sizes and has an MSRP of $29.99

About Polar Bottle and Product Architects, Inc.
(Cenote sister brand and parent company)

Polar Bottle and Cenote are both brands developed and wholly owned by Product Architects, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado. Product Architects, Inc. specializes in solving consumer and athlete hydration issues and has been designing and manufacturing since 1994. Polar Bottle was the original insulated squeeze sport bottle and Cenote is the first hydration system with recyclable reservoirs. Its extensive range of Made in USA, insulated water bottles retails at major sporting goods, outdoor specialty and general retail businesses across the USA and in 49 countries worldwide.Website and online store: www.polarbottle.com

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4 pack for 30 bux. Wow! What a deal! I’ve been wanting extra bladders for endurance races, now i don’t have to buy the full hydration backpack.

Thanks for sharing!!!

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