SANTINI BCOOL: High Tech to Fight High Temps

A summer of comfort, Santini Maglificio Sportivo presents a series of revolutionary garments, specifically designed for cyclists competing in the most demanding environments. Performance and comfort without compromise, even on the hottest days. Studied fit, enhanced aerodynamics, impeccable style and maximum freshness. Discover all these features along with the pioneering ventilation system incorporated into all the garments in the Santini BCOOL line. And for those looking for maximum performance in the details, there is the Santini INTERACTIVE 2.0 set, the innovative speed-suit concept.

With the arrival of summer, cyclists, as we know, have to fight not only against the fatigue  encountered on the climbs, but also with high temperatures. To meet this demand, Santini has incorporated into the 2015 collection a series of innovative pieces designed to provide excellent aerodynamics and high performance without sacrificing comfort. And, above all, enabling riders to stay cool on the bike. Aerodynamics, breathability, freshness, a perfect fit: common features between the garments in the BCOOL line and INTERACTIVE 2.0 set, both ideal for a wide range of temperatures ranging from 18 to 35 degrees and, as Santini promises, always made in Italy.

BCOOL: A unique ventilation system.

Santini extensively studied the innovative ventilation system utilised in the 2BCOOL jersey. A specially constructed panel consisting of an internal layer of breathable elasticated mesh, heat sealed to an upper Lycra layer containing a number of ventilation holes which aid in dispersing heat build-up while increasing airflow to the body keeping a rider cool and dry.

The 2BCOOL jersey is also constructed from various other advanced fabrics all chosen to promote breathability and performance in the hottest environments. The front portion utilises the extremely light Think fabric, soft to the touch and highly breathable, which helps to generate a feeling of freshness. The use of the Think fabric also enables an aerodynamic fit, and thanks to its ergonomically designed cut, the jersey fits perfectly to a cyclist‘s riding position. The silicone grippers utilised on the sleeve cuffs maintain the jersey‘s position during intense activity. The triple back pockets provide enough space to carry your cell phone, energy bars and gels. Additionally the jersey features a reflective Santini logo enhancing rider visibility in low-light conditions.

The same enhanced transpiration technology is featured on the BCOOL bib shorts. Abreathable panel on the back of the garment maximises freshness while the utilisation of the Newport Lycra promotes excellent elasticity, aerodynamics and the right degree of compression to reduce muscle stress. The super-light mesh braces are designed to offer a comfortable fit to all shapes of riders but especially the lean and really tall cyclists which may have trouble finding a genuinely comfortable pair of bib shorts. Additionally the bib shorts feature the use of the Vivo fabric which holds to the muscle like a second skin, while the silicone leg grippers guarantee an anti-slip effect. Further details include the inserts in carbon fibre infused textile with its anti-UV and temperature regulating properties enriching this innovative garment providing unparalleled comfort.
INTERACTIVE 2.0: One pull of a zip

A unique solution that allows a rider to enjoy the benefits of a traditional jersey and bib short combination that can be transformed in an instant into a one piece speed-suit. The Santini Interactive 2.0 jersey and bib short set – designed, developed and tested by Santini in collaboration with UCI WorldTour teams.

The aerodynamically cut jersey is constructed from a combination of fabrics – LycraKa, a Lycra micro-mesh utilised for the back portion of the jersey, while to the front the light and breathable Artico fabric, a light and breathable textile with strong bidirectional elasticity creates a true second skin effect. The overall fit of the two-piece set is strategically designed to offer maximum comfort in the riding position, increased by the special characteristics of the materials used in its construction such as the innovative Artico fabric – a fabric that is very soft on the skin which also promotes the dissipation of excess heat build-up produced during exercise helping to lower core body temperature, keeping the rider cool in the hottest of environments.

The three rear pockets on the jersey allow ample space for storing gels, bars and extra items while elastic gripper bands around the hem of the body and sleeve cuffs lock the garment comfortably in place when riding. The Interactive 2.0 bib shorts have anatomically constructed mesh braces with a specifically formed low-cut waist offering a high level of comfort with a modern look.
However the unique aspect of the the Interactive 2.0 set is the addition of the small zip to the rear of the jersey and bib shorts which when combined together recreate the aerodynamics and fit of a speed-suit but with the comfort of wearing two separate garments – the perfect match  of performance and comfort.
MIG3: The super-light chamois.

Both the BCOOL and INTERACTIVE 2.0 bib shorts utilise the Santini MIG3 lightweight chamois: constructed using anatomically studied gel inserts of varying thicknesses fused to an ultra light mesh base layer placed between two foam layers; finished with the addition of two further layers constructed from an antibacterial microfibre fabric. The end result is a highly breathable, supple chamois with superb anti-shock properties.
The shape is designed to ensure comfort and protection to the areas in contact with the saddle, while the two foam layers offer an additional and crucial layer of extra cushioning. The central channel in the perineal area and the depressions on the surface of the base offer excellent fit and freedom of movement while protecting from chafing and irritation, making the MIG3 chamois ideal for long rides.

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