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While walking the aisles at Outdoor Retailer this past summer, I found myself at the Mission Belt booth. Now, I had been looking for what I consider to be the “perfect” belt for a very long time. I had a set of criteria (demands?) for what I wanted in a belt, and would not accept anything less. In other words, my pants were sagging, because I still hadn’t found the ideal belt for me. But certainly not for looking. At the show alone, I probably turned down a half dozen offers of free belts, because they didn’t fit my needs. So let me tell you how I ended up with a Mission Belt.

First, a little bit about what I wanted in a belt. At the top of that list is rigidity. There are times when I need to hang something off my belt. And a cheap belt just kinda rolls over, or sags. Next, I wanted a belt that was easily adjustable. If a belt has holes spaced one inch apart, chances are that the best fit is somewhere between two holes. I have some belts that are infinitely adjustable via sliding buckles, but they let me down too. They are either too loose, too tight, or they tend to slip just a little. Finally, it has to look good with jeans, shorts, and khakis. That’s probably a huge ask, but hey, I was looking for perfection.

Until the Mission Belt, I had found belts that met one or two criteria, but never all three. A double laminated tactical belt was sturdy, but the foot of velcro for adjustment was a deal-breaker. And it wouldn’t look right at work. Traditional leather had the look and strength, but not the right adjustment. And those sliding buckle belts looked great, never rolled over, but also never fit right. Looking back, it seemed like the adjustment was the one area where they all lacked.

Mission Belt Co Storm in tan nylon
Mission Belt Co Storm in tan nylon

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Enter the Mission Belt. Whether leather or nylon, they all use the same adjustment system. On the inside of each belt is a track, which mates with the locking ratchet system of the buckle. Operating on the same principle as a zip tie, the belt ratchets in and out of the buckle in 1/4 inch increments. Boom! Perfect fit, every time. Too loose? Just push it into the buckle a bit, until you hear the click. Just finished Thanksgiving dinner? No worries. Just hit the little lever on the bottom of the buckle, and you can let it out as much as you need. (See how it works here)

My review belt is their Storm, which is a nice tan nylon that seems to go well with everything. It comes with a 40mm buckle, and a strap that’s 1.5 inches wide. I’ve tested it with the Peak Design CapturePRO and my favorite camera/lens combo. This was probably the most weight I have put on it, and it held up fine. I’ve also used it with an axe, camp knife, and even a sidearm at the shooting range. Everything felt secure and comfortable. This belt is a winner.

Mission Belt Co Vader in black leather
Mission Belt Co Vader in black leather

You can choose between leather or nylon and 35mm or 40mm. In addition to a large variety of colors, they have licensed sports teams as well. Also, their buckles are interchangeable, within the same size belts. So you have all sorts of options.

Of course, Mission Belt Co has a mission, other than helping us keep our pants up with the coolest belt around. For every belt they sell, a dollar goes towards their micro loans, via Kiva. These loans help people around the world with everything from stocking a shop, to buying grain or livestock, to funding higher education. They are helping to improve the lives and living conditions of some of the most impoverished people on the planet. And not on a small scale, either. As of the day I wrote this review, they had helped fund 48,908 loans. If you’re going to do good, go big, right? Check out, to find your next belt.


I’d like to thank Mission Belt Co for providing their belt for this review. It’s exactly the belt I have been looking for, and their mission was an added bonus.

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This may be my next duty belt. Carry a portable radio and other tools of my trade take a toll on my uniform belts. Thanks for the review!

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