Trailhead Boonie hat from Sunday Afternoons

The Trailhead Boonie from Sunday Afternoons is another one of those hats that seems to get everything right. Sure, just about any hat will cover your head and shade your eyes. But the UPF 50+ certified Trailhead Boonie does so much more. So don’t be fooled by the super relaxed looks of it. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

For starters, that contrasting band has a little buckle at the back. So “one size” doesn’t mean you try it on and hope it fits. You can adjust it a bit, to get the perfect fit. Flip it over, and check out all the coolness inside. What, you weren’t expecting a wicking sweatband and a secret pocket in the crown? (Pro tip: cut a piece of closed cell foam to fit that pocket. Your hat will float, and you’ll be protected from acorn-hucking squirrels)

 Trailhead Boonie (Blue Mountain)
Trailhead Boonie (Blue Mountain)

Maybe you’re like me, and don’t care too much for chin straps. Well, on windy days, it’s nice to have a chin strap. Especially one that moves smoothly, and has a little slide lock to keep it in place. Because if your hat blows off, it will probably be while on the water, or next to a steep drop. And that is not cool.

 Trailhead Boonie (Pumice)
Trailhead Boonie (Pumice)

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I’ve enjoyed every feature of this hat. It’s about 1/3 the price of a similar hat I own, but also 1/3 the weight. That makes it cooler on my head. It’s kept the sun and a little light rain out of my eyes. The fit is perfect too. Plus, the 2-3/4 brim doesn’t interfere with my camera when taking photos.

For me, the best hat is still the one I remember to take with me. And that’s another place where the Trailhead Boonie shines. Because it’s a mix of nylon and polyester, it weighs just about nothing. That also makes it easy to store. I can roll it up and throw it in a backpack. Even better, I can toss it in my camera bag. Fold it, roll it, or smash it down. Either way, you can keep it with your outdoor gear, and there’s no weight penalty. And then there’s the price. The Trailhead Boonie retails for $36. At that price, you can get both the Blue Mountain and the Pumice (grey). Check them out at


I’d like to thank Sunday Afternoons for providing their Trailhead Boonie for this review. It’s been a pretty constant companion on my weekend photo outings in Utah’s Wasatch mountains.

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