Kitten Ears, Shark Fins And Raccoon Tails Make Raskullz Bike Helmets Too Fun To Take Off

I really like these helmets for kids. If they get kids to wear their helmet, that’s definitely a good thing. And when I look at them, I can’t help but think that we’re setting kids up to race cyclocross. Not that that’s actually a bad thing. It’s just that these helmets would fit right in at some of the races I’ve seen. Cool stuff , IO-Approved.

– Brian

Raskullz expands playful helmet line with new 3-D attachments and infant helmets

Raskullz Helmet

Torrance, CALIF. -March 4, 2013…. Raskullz has cracked the code on keeping bike and skate helmets on kids‘ heads.  Cute characters come to life in 3-D designs, from a cuddly kitten‘s nose and ears to shark fins, ladybug antennas and multi-colored Mohawks, making Raskullz helmets so fun to play with, kids won‘t want to take them off.

In 2013 Raskullz is expanding its helmet line of more than 30 original characters with new 3-D attachments that blow in the breeze, such as raccoon tails and feathers. Raskullz is also introducing its first line of infant helmets, Raskullz Miniz, which will feature the same whimsical designs as the original line, fit for children ages 12 months to three years.

Each Raskullz helmet features 3-D animal characteristics, sparking creativity in kids and inspiring imaginative, active play, both on and off their bikes and skateboards. Meanwhile, the helmets also meet Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety standards, thus promoting safety and easing parental concerns.

“We created Raskullz because we were looking for a way to make wearing a helmet as fun as riding a bike or skateboard,” said Conan Hayes, founder and CEO of C-Preme, maker of the Raskullz helmets line. “When we heard parents say that their kids were wearing the helmets non-stop, even to places like the movie theater, we knew we were on to something.”

Raskullz Helmet

Raskullz helmets are as comfortable as they are fun to wear. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner is covered with soft pads, and six vent holes on the top of the helmets allow hot air to escape, helping to keep the head cool. The helmets also feature an adjustable chin strap.

Raskullz helmets for kids ages three to six are available now at mass retail stores, including Target, Walmart, Toys “R” Us and specialty bike shops nationwide for $25 (SRP). The new helmets with additional 3-D attachments and Raskullz Miniz will be available starting in May at $25 (SRP) and $22 (SRP), respectively.

In addition to helmets, Raskullz makes a complete line of sporting goods designed to inspire imaginative play, from bikes, scooters and skateboards, to accessories such as bike baskets, bells, handlebar grips and knee/elbow pads. All Raskullz products are available for purchase at

Coming soon to the Raskullz line will be an assortment of swim goods which will include character-based 3-D swim caps, swim masks, goggles, snorkel sets and life vests. Raskullz swim will be available online at and starting April 1, and on Toys “R” Us shelves beginning May 1.

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