Klecker Cordovan Folding Knife

The Cordovan folder from Klecker Knives reminds me that no man can ever really have too many pocket knives. While it might be possible to just have one knife for daily carry at work, around the house, in the yard, and for camping and fishing, I prefer to have several. You could open boxes, gut fish, and slice open bags of manure with just one knife, but let’s not. So where does the Cordovan fit in? Well, it’s tough enough for plenty of hard use, but this might just be the one you want to carry every day during the work week. Part tool, part art, and a great conversation piece.

Features and specs:

A 3.63 inch drop point blade made from 2Cr13 stainless steel is the right size for most jobs. Not too big, not too small. Slice an apple in the lunch room at work without triggering a call to Homeland Security.

The matte finish stainless steel handle has G10 inserts with polished brass hardware. Looks custom, at an off-the-shelf price.

High mounted clip allows for deep carry, and it can be used on either end, for tip up or down carry.

Klecker’s own patented lock is simple in design, but secure in use. Open the Cordovan, and it will stay open until you close it.

Weight, 5.8 ounces. Total length open, 8.56 inches. Closed, 4.89 inches.

Klecker Cordovan

Not an expert on metallurgy? That’s ok. The 2Cr13 blade in the Cordovan belongs to the 420 series of stainless steels. This means it looks nice and will resist corrosion, but at the expense of not holding an edge as well as more expensive steel. It’s also not as hard as some “better” blade steel. Some may take issue with this, but I don’t. The highest quality steels are a joy to cut with, and a bear to sharpen. Run the blade of your Cordovan through a pair of ceramic rods, and it will be more than sharp enough for most tasks, in less than two minutes. That’s a fair trade-off for me.

The Cordovan offers the looks of a custom knife, but with its MSRP of $115*, not the price. Its G10 scales have a nice texture, with shallow grooves that blend into the steel handle. Rows of small dimples give it a bit of grip as well, with extra visual appeal. And the polished brass adds just the right amount of contrast. While some may prefer their knife have less flash, the Cordovan gives up nothing when it comes to utility.

Klecker Cordovan

In hand, it has a nice weight and balance. It flips open easily with one hand, with no spring for assist. Once open, there is no play in the blade. This is due to the patented Klecker Lock Mechanism, all of which is built into the handles. It relies on getting the right curve and thickness to the metals so it acts as spring. Besides strength, the other benefit is a lack of moving parts. And it’s kinda sexy on a knife.

After carrying the Cordovan for a while, and using it for all the typical pocket knife tasks, my only minor gripe is that the second finger groove could be a bit deeper. Or course, we don’t all have the same size and shape hands, so it may fit you fine. And it does not really bother me, it’s just a minor detail I noticed. Otherwise, this is a great knife that won’t look out of place in an office, and won’t feel out of place when pressed into service outdoors. Kleckerknives.com

*Save $23, and get your Klecker Cordovan on Amazon for $92, with free shipping

– Brian

A special thanks to Klecker Knives for providing their Cordovan for this review.

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