Topeak Aero USB Combo

The Topeak Aero USB Combo is an LED light set for the cyclist looking to add some low light visibility without much extra weight. They offer the convenience of USB charging, which not only saves money, but is better for the environment as well. Each combo comes with a WhiteLite Aero USB front light with clear lens and 3 super bright white LED bulbs, and a RedLite Aero USB rear light with red lens and 3 super bright red LED bulbs.

Topeak Aero USB Combo

Key details:

3.7 volt, 220 mAh lithium ion batteries take 2-3 hours to charge with the included micro USB cords, and will run about 10.5 hours in the constant mode, and up to 40 when set to blink.

Topeak WhiteLite™Aero USB front safety light

Both Topeak Aero USB lights are waterproof. One sealed button makes it easy to switch on, then to flash, then off. A sealed USB port on the bottom gives access for charging.

Topeak RedLite™Aero USB rear safety light

Mount options (included) let you attach to round and aero forks, as well as round and aero seat posts or seat stays. You can also clip to a seat bag, trunk bag, or backpack. Angled LED bulbs are more or less parallel to the ground when the lights are mounted.

At 2.6 inches (6.6 cm) long and 0.78 ounces (22.2 grams), they are small and light, but offer 220 degree visibility, front and rear.

This is a great set for the casual commuter, or road cyclist that ends up sharing the lanes with traffic shortly after dawn, or from dusk onward. I could see the Topeak Aero Combo being used by the hardcore roadies looking to extend their training times, without a weight or aerodynamic penalty. They are bright, but not so much that you’ll stand out in all conditions. And even through the front LED bulbs are white, they will not light up your way, they’re just for being seen. If you ride in areas where awareness of cyclists is a bit higher than the rest of the country, they are a good option. I do like the simple mount options, and the fact that they charge via USB micro, so you can plug them in just about anywhere.

– Brian

We‘d like to thank Topeak for providing their Aero USB Combo for this review. They have added a measure of safety to our bike rides.

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