Liberty Bottle Works Freaker – With A Giveaway!

Liberty Bottleworks bottle and Freaker

There once was a man from NC

Who knit a fine beer koozie

With his friends he did share

But Shark Tank didn‘t care

And now they’re sold by Liberty (Bottleworks)

What a meeting that must have been. We picture the guys that run Liberty Bottleworks as being a bit on the conservative side, taking great pride in domestic manufacturing. They do all of their production here in America using American made machinery. Plus, they make their bottles using 100% recycled aluminum. Many of their employees are troops that have returned from deployment. Liberty actively pursues them and offers them jobs. And then we have the Freaker USA team. They also manufacture all of their products in America but they‘re definitely much more on the liberal side. Zach Crain (founder and CEO of Freaker USA) wearing red jean shorts and a top hat, somersaulted onto the set of the television show Shark Tank, where he presented his product (using a Liberty Bottleworks bottle for his demo) and asked for a modest amount of funding. When they turned him down, Liberty sought him out to get their hands on the Freaker.

You would have to be an incredibly unique person to come up with the ever-so-cozy Freaker. Now, when I say that the Freaker is cozy, I mean, the Freaker makes holding a bottle, cup or whatever you enjoy drinking your beverage out of, a much more pleasant experience.

Freaker installed

The Freaker is advertised as a ‘˜one size fits all‘ bottle cover and beer koozie. I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking to myself, yeah, I‘ve heard that one size fits all speech. It‘s never true *insert laughs and eye rolls here*.  So obviously, when I got hold of one, I had to immediately stretch and shape it around every cup and bottle I own. First I tested it out on my new Liberty water bottle. Grabbing the bottom of the Freaker, I stretched it open and smoothly slid it over my bottle. Hmm, it fit, and no extra Freaker hanging over the edge. It fit perfectly snug and best of all, it looked great! My hands were grateful for the relief. Now when I enjoy an icy cold bottle of water, I no longer have to worry about switching hands when one gets too cold. I‘ll never have to wipe my hand on my pants to rid myself of the bottle perspiration again. This in turn means that I no longer have to agonize over people thinking my hands are sweaty when we go to shake hands! I then tried it on some odd shaped cups and to my surprise, it formed snugly around every single one! There has to be something this thing cannot fit. I spotted it, a two liter. There is no way this thing is going to fit that gigantic bottle. I finally beat the Freaker I thought to myself! Here we go. I grabbed the bottom edge and started pulling over the bottle. It was a little tight, but holy crap that thing fit my two liter! It truly is a one size fits all bottle cover!

What‘s the best way to get the word out about a new, extraordinary bottle cover? Apparently the answer is a grilled cheese party. That‘s right, you read correctly, a grilled freaking cheese party! What in the world is a grilled cheese party?!? Oddly enough, Zack and his team built a home out of a box truck (AKA the freak-mobile) and travel the country hosting grilled cheese parties! If you want to hold one of these cheesy parties, head on over to their website and send them an email after you check out all of their freaking fantastic designs! If you want to get a Liberty Bottleworks Freaker, check out the Liberty Bottleworks site, where they’re currently offering free Freakers with each bottle purchase. Even better, check out the contest details listed below the video.



In case you missed Zach’s appearance on Shark Tank, here it is again:

Want to get your very own Liberty Bottle and Freaker? Leave a comment below (no sign-up necessary) and like our Facebook page if you haven’t already, before midnight, March 14th 2013. On the 15th, we’ll choose a winner at random. They’ll get to pick out one Liberty Bottle as well as a Freaker, which will be shipped directly to them. (We tried to get Zach to deliver it in the freak-mobile, but no dice) Good luck!

 [3/20 update] Congrats to Blake Lee, our winner! She picked the Carlos bottle and Plunder Savvy Freaker.

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Mike hunsaker

I want to win a Freaker Bottle!


Nice article and product 🙂
I would love to win one of these.

Blake Lee

I liked you on Facebook! I want one!

Jennifer Pata

I want to win a freaker!

Scot Madsen

I’d love to win. 😀

dennis powell

Saw you on Sharktank when you did your thing, would love to win.

Alex Dunn

I want a freaker, and if I win it, I promise I’ll use it in a way that you didn’t advertise.

Robb Wilcox

I so want to get my freaker on!


Thanks to everyone that entered. Blake Lee was chosen at random, and will be the proud owner of a new Liberty Bottleworks bottle and Freaker. Check back for more giveaways!


Very nice article. I definitely appreciate this website.

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