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Pourtables, from Libra Coffee, is our favorite kind of product. First, it’s good coffee. Now, I could leave it at that, but there is more to it. It’s good coffee that you can make just about anywhere. Even better, it’s good coffee, with a mission. At this point, you’re probably wondering what that mission is. Read on to find out how to get a great cup of coffee that will warm you up, start your day, and do some good for others.

As mentioned, Pourtables is coffee you can take with you just about anywhere. Inside the foil pouch is a clever little single-use pour-over coffee serving. Open the pouch, carefully place it in a cup, add an ounce of hot water to soak the grounds, then 6 more for a full cup. Well, a small cup. Of course, it’s a delicious small cup. The folks at Libra Coffee take their brew very seriously.

Pourtables, from Libra Coffee
Pourtables, from Libra Coffee

In addition to being delicious, you’re drinking coffee from a company with a conscience. That’s because Libra Coffee takes care of its growers. Yeah, they’re about more than just those cute little single serves. Because once you try it, you’ll also want to set up a coffee subscription. Not just so you choose how often to have them send you coffee. You see, for each 12 ounce bag you order, you’ll help provide fresh water for two people. We totally take for granted our access to clean water, but that’s not the case in some of our favorite coffee-producing countries.

“For each bag of coffee purchased, $1 goes toward an extra-strength water filter for the locals. Each filter has the power to provide clean drinking water to 100 people for up to 5 years.”  That, my friends, is called making a difference. It’s not rocket science. Nor is it charity. It’s simply doing right by the very people that provide your morning cup. And it takes no extra effort on your part – just order some great coffee.

How great? For the subscription, you have to go through a simple quiz. This lets Libra Coffee build a profile of your kind of brew. Then they only send what’s in season, right after it’s roasted. What kind of genius thought that up? Well, he would probably raise an eyebrow at my use of that word. Given the fact that Eric Medina, the brains behind Libra Coffee, has a Master’s degree in coffee, I’m probably not too far off. He actually wrote a thesis on coffee personalization. Then he coupled that with giving back. Delicious coffee, making a difference. I’ll drink to that.


I’d like to thank Eric at Libra Coffee for sending a few samples of Pourtables, and allowing us to share their story. It’s always great to see someone pursue their passion while doing good.

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