Lowa Innox GTX Mid Boots

Lowa has created a true three season hiking boot with the Innox GTX Mid Boot. I‘ve had the opportunity to spend the past few months testing the Innox GTX in the heat of summer through the chills of winter and I must say I have been pretty happy with them.

I wear a EUR-44/US-10.5, and the fit of these are right on the mark. In addition, they are also quite comfortable, needing very little time to feel broken in. It took a couple of short hikes to get them into my perfect comfort zone. Slipping my feet inside is easy, even with thicker socks, thanks to the soft and smooth inner lining. The tongue is attached to the upper and is padded as well. The upper part of the tongue and boot have a perforated webbing which is great for gripping the boot, and it wicks moisture away. It’s very scratchy against the skin, so wear socks that are long enough to extend past the top of the boot. There’s also has a nice padded heel and ample arch support. At around a pound each, the Innox GTX are very light for a mid sized boot.

Lowa Innox GTX Mid Boots
Lowa Innox GTX Mid Boots

Lacing the Innox GTX is super easy. The looped and beveled eyelets let the laces slide freely. This lets me get a nice snug fit quickly with very little pulling and adjusting at the different lace crossovers. Above the heel there is a finger loop to provide leverage when slipping the boots on. The Innox features Gore-Tex Lining, and while I didn‘t intentionally fjord through and rivers, it held up without issue through normal hiking conditions and performed well in snow.

Likewise, traction is another area where the Lowa Innox GTX really shines. I had no issues gripping on slippery rocks, loose gravel and dirt and they performed well on snowy/icy trails as well.  When hiking in really rocky sections, I could periodically feel them through the boots. It wasn‘t to the point of being uncomfortable, just noticeable.

Lowa Innox GTX Mid Boots
Lowa Innox GTX Mid Boots

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I decided to wait to publish this review until I had ample time to test the Innox‘s all-season performance. While the Innox does stand up well in the snow, I would not recommend is as a winter boot. When temperatures dipped below 20 degrees, my toes were feeling it. I‘d put these as more of an extended three season boot.

One concern I have with the boot is the toe tip. It has a section of suede material which scuffs very easily. What is more of an issue though is the lack of protection on the toes. I tripped over a tree root buried under snow and my toes felt like I had attempted a penalty kick with a coconut. Personally, I would be willing to have a couple of ounces tacked onto each boot and have ample protection to my “little piggies”.

The lack of toe protection aside, the Lowa Innox GTX is a fantastic, TRUE three season hiking boot. I feel it is important to get good value for my gear and these will give you a full three seasons plus of use. It is very light and very comfortable. Wearing them just make me want to go out and explore. MSRP: $210. For more info on the Innox GTX be sure to visit https://www.lowaboots.com/


A huge thank you to Lowa for being patient and providing a pair of these for me to test over these past few months.

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