Limar Velov Cycling Helmet

Limar Re-Imagines the Urban Cycling Helmet with the Stylish, Removable Panel Velov

OXNARD, Calif. Limar has turned urban cycling helmet design on its head (so to speak) with the introduction of the Limar Velov, a sleek, stylish lightweight helmet that features unique snap-off ventilation panels, announced Gianluca Caliari of Albabici, U.S. importer and distributor for Limar’s top-of-the-line cycling helmets and eyewear.

limar velov helmet
Limar Velov helmet

The Limar Velov is unlike any other urban helmet available today. Its revolutionary design features four removable protection panels that allow the rider, with simple clicks, to create his or her own ventilation and style. Snap the panels off when summer hits and a cooling breeze flows over and through. Snap the panels back on when winter comes and enjoy complete protection from rain and cold. The design recently earned the coveted International Forum Product Design Award.

 Limar Velov helmet
Limar Velov helmet


In other words, with the Velov the cyclist can create their own personalized helmet, while benefiting from Limar’s proven safety and comfort features such as In-mould shell construction and Ultrafit+ system. Plus its elegant design is a head-turning accent when riding your fixie, fat-tire cruiser, or practical e-bike. MSRP for the Limar Velov is $105 and is available in Velov Brown and Velov Silver White.

Technical features:

Monoshell in-mould design

Air vents with innovative, removable cover panel system

Ultrafit+ sizing system with height adjustment

Antibacterial pads
Visit for complete information.

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