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CamelBak®  introduced their Gambler™hydration packs at ORWM. If you’re heading out for some sidecountry snowboarding or skiing, and like to travel light, this is for you.  While the cargo capacity is pretty scant at 200 cubic inches, they have made sure that the smallest essentials fit inside, safe and dry, while you still have room for an avalanche probe and shovel. Naturally, you’ll find a 3L Antidote™Reservoir with their Quick Link™System inside as well. At 1.2 pounds without the reservoir, this pack can carry your basic emergency gear, as well as phone, keys, wallet, and a snack, without weighing you down. Retail price should be $90, and you’ll find it at your favorite CamelBak®  dealer, beginning October, 2012.


The Groove™ line of bottles continues to grow, with more capacity (25oz/.75 liters for the Groove , and 20oz/.6L for the Groove™   Insulated) in this 100% BPA-free array of bottles that feature an innovative filtration system. For those not familiar with the Groove , the easily replaceable carbon filter (from bamboo) removes unpleasant tastes and odors such as chlorine, giving normal tap water that “bottled water” taste without the expense and waste of disposable bottles. Filling it three to four times each day, the filter will only need replacing about every three months. If you’re paying five dollars for a 24 pack of bottled water, the break even point on the bottles (with an MSRP of $25-$30) is 45 days or less. By the time you replace the filter, you’ll have spared our landfills from another 300 empty bottles. Look for the new models in February, 2012.


Don’t need a filter? Check out eddy™.  That’s right, lower case. This is eddy, as in running water. Another BPA-free bottle line, the spill-proof eddy™  has a silicone Big Bite™Valve for plenty of water flow, with no need to tilt the bottle. The valve folds down when not needed, to keep it clean. With its carabiner-friendly handle loop, and new color palette, you can take it anywhere, and match any outfit, if you’re so inclined. Size options include 20oz/.6L, 25oz/.75L and 32oz/1L. And they’re dishwasher safe, of course. Available February, 2012.


As mentioned previously, the revolutionary All Clear, (our top pick from ORSM 2011) with its built-in, easy to use UV water purification system, will be available at specialty retailers in about six weeks. Expect to see it more widely available shortly after. As a recap, it takes only 60 seconds to remove 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa from .75 liters of water, making it possible to quickly access drinking water almost anywhere your travels might take you. And since the battery is rechargeable via a USB port, a small solar battery storage system like the Solio Bolt has you covered when you’re off the grid. Very promising technology for traveling into the bush or around the world.

– Brian

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