Pacsafe® Offers More Safe Travels For 2012

Pacsafe® was started in 1998 by a couple of Aussies that got tired of having their personal belongings “liberated” during their travels to over 80 countries. From their original patented eXomesh® cage system, which fully encloses a backpack or duffel, and allows it to be locked to something stationary, their line has grown exponentially. The eXomesh® is now laminated between sheets of fabric for the majority of their products, allowing for more discrete security. Additional insurance against theft is provided by the Carrysafe® straps, which incorporate hidden steel wires running their length, and Smart ‘˜Turn & Lock‘ Hooks™  that allow you to affix your bag to to a post or table leg, much like locking up a bike. This discourages the casual thief, and confounds the professional. Even zippers get the secure treatment – the Smart Zipper Security™utilizes a cleverly latching zipper that clips onto a partially concealed loop, preventing a thief from unzipping your bag and making off with the contents.  For 2012, Pacsafe® has a record six new collections and 61 new SKU’s containing this technology, and more. There’s no way we could begin to cover all that, so we’re going to hit some of the highlights now, and then we’ll have more individualized articles and reviews as time allows.

For the outdoor adventurer not content to merely explore their own backyard, the smart phone, passport, and maybe a credit card or two are essential gear. But with those items comes the risk of thieves stealing personal data via the RFID chips embedded in seemingly everything but newborn babies. RFIDsafe™technology protects that data by blocking illicit scanners from reading the chips. Pacsafe® is offering this protection in fashionable, durable products from their simple passport holder, to wallets, handbags, shoulder bags, and even backpacks.


Today’s modern woman carries quite a bit of expensive electronics in her handbag. In addition to a cell phone, she may have a tablet, eReader, MP3 player, or iPad. Naturally, she’ll want to retain ownership of these devices when out and about, whether using public transport to get across town, or traveling around the globe. Pacsafe® obliges with their Citysafe™and Slingsafe™lines, which include a variety of handbags, purses, shoulder bags, and even a sling and hobo bag. Styling is fresh, with sleek lines and an attractive color palette, and in addition to the security elements, they’re feature-rich when it comes to organization.

Although they’re loathe to admit it, most guys could probably use a handbag as well. We just call them daypacks, sling bags, backpacks, and hip packs instead. They’re also very rarely are used to carry lipstick or spare nylons. And we describe them in more manly colors, like Cold Steel and Jungle Green, in addition to basic black and midnight blue.  Like the ladies though, we’ve usually got a plethora of electronic toys and other valuables to protect, and we require a variety of different sized packs, be it a minimalist one for a bike ride to a party across town, or a 17″ laptop-capable soft briefcase for a train ride to the office.  Pacsafe® offers a wide array of products in various sizes and capacities, with names such as Metrosafe™, Stashsafe™and Ultimatesafe™, all designed to keep our valuables safe and secure.

Check out, and stay tuned for more details coming soon.

– Brian


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