Selk’bag – Hard To Describe, Easy To Appreciate

Not too many products we’ve seen can claim they were influenced by the Selk’nam natives of Tierra del Fuego, Chile. While reading about their history, a couple of traits became apparent – they were known for being pretty tough when it came to the cold, and they were image-conscious. Within that context, the Selk’bag makes perfect sense. Borne from a country that has every climate from dry desert to tropical humidity to frozen tundra, a technical sleeping bag you can wear actually starts to make sense. While at first glance it looks fairly simple, a closer look reveals features like quick-release hand closures, anti-slip pads on the nylon soles, adjustable hoods on some models, as well as insulated draft tubes. By combining the best elements of winter wear with those of a sleeping bag, Selk’bag has come up with a product that is fun and practical. Sleep in it, walk in it, play in it. They have Classic, Lite, and Kids models, in a variety of colors.

Ā Selk'bag sleeping bag

We’re not even sure how to approach writing about this product without an actual review, but we did get to check them out in person, and came away impressed enough that we’ll be covering each model in greater detail in the future. Selk’bag will also be offering knit hats, neck warmers, base layers, gloves, mittens and socks soon. As soon as we get more information, we’ll share it.

– Brian

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