New Petzl Lights Bring REACTIVE LIGHTING To A Wider Audience

Petzl has been working on some new lights to add to their line of compact, high performance rechargeables. The good news is that these lights are going to have some pretty attractive price tags. Bad news? We’re looking at September, 2013 for availability. Here’s what we’re waiting for:

Petzl TIKKA R+
Petzl TIKKA R+

Petzl’s 115 gram TIKKA R+ (MSRP $74.95) uses a single LED for up to 135 lumens of output. There are three lighting levels available, allowing the user to prioritize between maximum output (Max Power), maximum run time (Max Autonomy), or a balance between output and battery life (Standard). In addition, you can choose between a constant mode, or the REACTIVE LIGHTING mode, which is where this Petzl really shines. All puns aside, REACTIVE LIGHTING uses a sensor to read the reflectivity of objects in your field of view. Run along a dirt path with your head down, and it puts out only what’s necessary to illuminate a few feet in front of you. Lift your head and look forward 50 feet, and the output automatically goes up. This allows the 1800mAh battery to provide up to 12 hours of light from a 4.5 hour charge. Set for Max Power, it will throw a beam 2-40 meters with a brightness from 7 to 135 lumens, for at least four hours. Standard mode cuts the distance down a bit, only lighting 2-30 meters, with 7 to 100 lumens of output, but you’re guaranteed six hours of run time. For a very long day, or those not inclined to charge too often, the Max Autonomy setting limits output from 7 to 55 lumens, which equates to the same minimum, and a max of 25 meters, and that magical 12+ hours of run time. The only downside is that after 300 charge cycles, the battery loses about 30% of its capacity. Replacement are available though.


Step up to the TIKKA RXP (MSRP $89.95), and you get two LED bulbs, which together offer a wide beam, focused spot, or even mixed. The RXP uses the same REACTIVE TECHNOLOGY, but the greater output of 180 max lumens allows the focused beam to reach out to 70 meters. Battery life takes a hit, with run times of 2:45 on Max, 4:30 on Standard, and 10 hours on the Max Autonomy settings, respectively. Obviously, the dual beam setup allows for greater flexibility, as more than just varying output, the two lenses allow for different coverage. So it can switch from a true flood to spot, depending on the situation. Where you might have had to manually switch from the trail in front of you to a higher output to read a sign up ahead, it now does the work for you. Like the R+, it weighs just 115 grams, and comes with an 1800 mAh lithium ion battery pack.

Both lights have an IP-X4 rating, so they’re water-resistant, and they also include a specially designed headband that’s both comfortable and adjusts quickly to a variety of head sizes for ease of use. They’re also each equipped with a red LED which helps preserve night vision during close-up tasks like reading maps. While the R+ is available in blue, coral, or turquoise, the RXP will only be available in coral or black. A 30cm USB cable ships with each as well. To check availability, as well as see the full line of accessories for them, visit

– Brian

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