Wiley X®, Inc. Focuses On Preventing Sports-Related Eye Injuries

April is National Sports Eye Safety Month Across America


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It’s estimated that 40,000 Americans receive eye injuries while participating in sports every year. This is a sobering statistic, especially considering that studies have shown that 90% of eye injuries could have been prevented simply by wearing protective eyewear.  These are just some of the reasons why Wiley X, Inc. continues to support Sports Eye Safety Month, an annual effort each April to educate and inform the American public about the dangers of sports-related eye injuries and the proper use of protective eyewear.

“The fact of the matter is, your eyes are at risk anytime you participate in sports – on the field, on the court or in the outdoors,” said Wiley X Co-Owner Myles Freeman,  “Even sports not normally considered ‘dangerous’  – such as tennis, soccer or golf – can result in serious injury if protective eyewear isn’t worn.  And outdoor activities like mountain biking, skateboarding and beach volleyball pose their own unique risks to eye health.  The risks to one’s eyes may be varied, but the solution is the same – wear protective glasses to protect your precious gift of vision,” added Freeman.

Fortunately, sports enthusiasts today have a variety of premium quality eyewear options that deliver comfort, style and crystal clear vision along with serious vision protection.  For example, Wiley X’s popular Climate Control™series sunglasses feature a patented, removable soft foam Facial Cavity™Seal that blocks out wind, dust and debris and provides a safe, climate-controlled environment for the eyes.  The company’s sports-oriented Active Series features lightweight, comfortable frames with rubber nose and temple grips for a secure fit during high-action, high-sweat activities.  And the majority of Wiley X eyewear styles are RX ready, providing sportsmen and women with an ideal, no-compromise solution on the field
of play.

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Whichever Wiley X style sports enthusiasts choose, they can play all-out knowing their eyes are protected from a wide range of hazards – from a blazing line-drive to a wicked forehand smash to a low-hanging branch.  Wiley X sunglasses meet stringent ANSI-Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, providing wearers with OSHA-grade protection.   Wiley X is the only premium sunglass brand with this level of protection in every pair of glasses it makes – a key reason why the company has been a leading provider of vision protection to U.S. military forces for more than 25 years.

For general information about Sports Eye Safety Month, visit the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s special website at www.geteyesmart.org.  To learn more about Wiley X’s extensive line of premium protective eyewear for sports and all kinds of outdoor activities – visit Wiley X, Inc. at 7800 Patterson Pass Road, Livermore, CA 94550 · Telephone: (800) 776-7842 · Or visit online at www.wileyx.com.

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Rufina Goard

Physical or chemical injuries of the eye can be a serious threat to vision if not treated appropriately and in a timely fashion. The most obvious presentation of ocular (eye) injuries is redness and pain of the affected eyes. This is not, however, universally true, as tiny metallic projectiles may cause neither symptom.

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