NiteRider Lumina 950 Boost Light

NiteRider‘s new Lumina 950 Boost puts out 950 lumens. Need I say more? Seriously, this LED light is like a car headlamp.

The Lumina Boost features six lighting modes ranging from a more standard 200 lumens, up to 800 lumens. It has five night light modes and even a daylight setting. The Lumina also has a locking mode that prevents it from accidentally being turned on when in a bag. It is built using a high performance CREE LED, and it shows. In my testing, the lowest setting was able to cast great light more than 30 feet and at the third setting it was well over 60 feet. When I enabled the BOOST, it projected farther than my 100 foot tape measure could go. I ran the light at the 800 lumen and 200 lumen settings for more than an hour each without issue.

NiteRider Lumina 950 Boost LED Light
NiteRider Lumina 950 Boost LED Light

I decided to take this on the roads at night and many of the cars thought I was a motorcycle instead of my fat bike. Without a doubt, this light makes me feel much safer when riding at night on the roads.

The casing is durable and withstood drop tests without issue. It is also water resistant so I can rest easy with this on my fat bike as I plow through the snow or in the rain. In addition to its durability, it also looks pretty sweet on my bike. It is quite compact for how much light it puts out.

NiteRider Lumina 950 Boost Light
Andy, rolling out his 100 foot tape measure

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Mounting the Lumina Boost is pretty painless. The included mount is adjustable and can accommodate most bars. Getting the strap to slide around the bar and though the mount can be a little tricky, but once on you won‘t need to take it off again. This is because the strap has a quick release on it. This makes removing the light and attaching it super easy. If having a light on your bar is not your thing, NiteRider offers other optional mounts as well.

For those concerned with weight, the light comes in at around 175 grams on my scale. What‘s 175 grams when mounted on a fatbike, when it puts out so much light?

Another great feature of the Lumina is that it‘s rechargeable. The internal Li-Ion battery uses a standard Micro USB (included as well) cable to charge. This makes those cumbersome battery packs a thing of the past. Charging is surprisingly fast when connected to a 2mA charger.

If you‘re in the market for a powerful light, or you have a special someone who enjoys cycling on or off-road, be sure to check out the Lumina 950 Boost. You‘ll be glad that you did.

For more info visit NightRider at:
MRSP: $99.00


A huge thank you to the guys at NiteRider for sending us the Lumina 950 for me to review. I can‘t wait to take it out and enjoy some fun night riding in the snow this winter too.

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