Garneau Raid MIPS Cycling Helmet

Rounding out our Garneu MTB kit reviews is their Raid MIPS cycling helmet. I know, helmets may not be the most sexy piece of kit you buy, and they all seem to be the same. But with input from scientists and brain surgeons, the MIPS (Multidirectional Impact System) puts high tech in your lid.

By design, the Raid protects your brain from the most common type of impact in cycling accidents. Unless you want to read a bunch of science and medical papers, I can sum it up for you. Rotational forces caused by angled impacts are bad for your brain. And MIPS helps to reduce those forces. Inside the helmet, a low-friction layer sits between the shell and the liner. On impact, the helmet can slide, relative to your head. Less twisting. Less brain trauma. This is good.

Garneau Raid MIPS Cycling Helmet
Garneau Raid MIPS Cycling Helmet

Of course, proper fit is one of the keys to MIPS working properly. It’s also important for overall comfort. Garneau uses their Tri-Glide PRO adjustment straps to get the perfect fit. I took a bit of time to set them up initially, but once adjusted, I got a solid fit. From there, it was a matter of twisting the Spiderlock® Pro MTB stabilizing system to keep the Raid in place.

With 14 big vents, the Raid kept me pretty cool, even in the hot Utah mountains. Three of the vents are across that extra material at the back of the helmet, which protects your neck. This coverage is specific to MTB helmets, and very welcome.Not that my head would sweat, but if it did, the X-Static® XT2TM, quick-drying antimicrobial pads would soak it up. I never noticed any stink.

Garneau Raid MIPS Cycling Helmet
Garneau Raid MIPS Cycling Helmet

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One of my favorite features is the V-Plus visor system. Surprisingly, it has a level of adjustment I haven’t seen in other helmets. Whether you’re head down, grinding up a hill, or bombing down the other side, it’s got you covered. Just give it a gentle tug to lift the visor up, so it’s not blocking your view when your head is down. It will softly click into place at one of three different angles.Raise or lower as needed.

While the $99 price is great. the color options are either black or yellow. Really, a white option might be nice. But that’s not a deal-breaker for me. In addition to having MIPS inside, the Raid has CPSC, ASTM, and CEN certifications. And it only weighs 11.1 ounces (315 grams). Overall, this helmet offers a high level of comfort and safety, for a reasonable price. Check it out on the Garneau website.


I‘d like to thank Garneau for providing their Raid MIPS MTB helmet for this review. I didn’t test the MIPS system, but just learning about what goes into the helmet gave me a newfound respect for how far we’ve come in helmet design.

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