No photos for the GoGirl article

No photos for the GoGirl article, because I’m just not going to go there.

What had to have been one of the most intriguing products at Interbike was something called the GoGirl. Their catch phrase is “Don’t take life sitting down”, so a female friend of mine assumed they were some sort of women’s empowerment group. Was she ever wrong! Whenever I walked by their booth, I saw plenty of women smiling, some of them even giggling. And more than one guy that got dragged over there ended up blushing.

GoGirl is the great equalizer, because it allows women to pee like men. Yup, you read that right. With GoGirl, they can “go” standing up. I’m sure that next to equal pay and representation, this is every woman’s dream. OK, maybe not. But for any woman that enjoys the outdoors, or ever has to use a gas station bathroom, this may just be a must-have item.

I’m going to relieve myself of the trouble of describing how it works, and just let you click on the link and whiz over to their site to check it out. If you’re not a woman, you probably know one or two. Send them over to the site as well. Or better yet, order up a half dozen GoGirls, and hand them out as Christmas gifts this year. What a perfect stocking stuffer!

And for the record, I did get one. Once my fiance’ has tried it out, we’ll go ahead and share the results. Without photos.

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