OOFOS OOriginal Thong (The Foot Kind!) Review

Back in August, David shared his review of the OOFOS Slide recovery sandals. Around that time, we also got a pair of the OOriginal Thongs for Michele to review, since we’re certain that men and women look at footwear quite differently. Michelle is an active mom and yoga instructor, making her ideally suited for a review like this. 

– Brian

I have been wearing my OOFOS for three months now and can say that they are definitely the most comfortable footwear I’ve tried so far.  I typically wear high heels everyday and when I come home the first thing I do is kick them off and walk around barefoot. Now that I have the OOFOS recovery sandals in the thong version, I find myself slipping them on as soon as I get home from work.  The arch support feels great and I like the cushioning of the OOfoam material that conforms to my feet.  I feel like I’m walking on clouds!  I love wearing them around the house, to and from my yoga classes and walking the dog; and they are certainly my go to thong for grocery shopping or wherever my feet might take me.  I like the design and style of the shoe which looks slim and attractive.

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OOFOS OOriginal Thong

I am a yoga instructor so I know how important it is to allow our feet to stretch, relax and rejuvenate from a long day of use.  The OOFOS thongs definitely allow my feet to recharge and refresh. Our feet take on the entire weight of our body every day and can have an impact on how the rest of our body feels.  When we give them a little extra TLC they can make our life much more comfortable. I find that when I am wearing the OOFOS my lower right back pain lessens and feels much better.  I also have occasional hip pain from a surgery I had when I was younger and when I wear these thongs I feel relief from that pain as well.  Without question, the OOfoam absorbs the shock of each step like no other shoe I’ve ever worn.  The durability of this shoe is good too. It looks great even after three months of regular use. Easy to clean and maintain.

The top strap feels a bit short across the bony top part of my foot which I notice slightly, but because of the softness and pliability of the OOfoam, it doesn’t bother me.  To my disappointment, I’m not looking forward to the cold, wet, snowy days of winter when I will have to put these in my closet until the first break of spring (of course I will still probably wear them around the house year round).  Hopefully, OOFOS will come out with a boot version I can throw on when I slosh through the cold snow to my yoga classes. oofos.com

– Michele

For more OOFOS info, and to how you can get your own for free (they do a lot of giveaways) check out the OOFOS Facebook page.

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