Pacsafe Ultimatesafe 32L Anti Theft Backpack

Pacsafe Ultimatesafe 32L anti theft backpackThese days, it seems like in addition to their usual valuables (watch, jewelry, passport) everyone has at least a couple electronic devices they travel with. Phones, iPods/MP3 players, a tablet/reader, and possibly a netbook or laptop as well. And while prices have been steadily coming down as technology improves, modern electronics are still not inexpensive. So we need a safe way to carry that gear, and when we’re not using it, a safe way to store it. Pacsafe is pretty much the industry leader in keeping your valuables out of the hands of thieves while on the go, but they also are incredibly innovative when it comes to unattended luggage too.

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We were given their Ultimatesafe 32L anti theft backpack for evaluation, and as usual, came away impressed by the smart features of this travel pack. Some of them are pretty standard – it meets international carry-on standards for air travel, and it has a padded laptop sleeve that will accommodate devices up to 15.4″. That’s pretty much expected. Their RFIDsafe™blocking pocket is something we’re seeing more and more of too. Slashproof straps and Smart zippers are Pacsafe exclusives as well. But what really makes this pack stand out is the 20L portable safe. With its steel mesh encased in fabric, and ingenious drawstring cable lock, the safe allows you to lock up a fairly large amount of valuables (a typical reusable grocery bag is about 20L), provided you can find something to secure it to. And that’s what we set out to test. First, here’s a short video from the folks at Pacsafe, showing off the features of the Ultimatesafe:


While in Las Vegas for Interbike 2012, we stayed in the finest hotel (not really), but still needed a way to keep our Fabergé egg, handful of Krugerrands, and “Best Supporting Actor” Oscar (ok, maybe not) protected while we were out partying like rock stars. Actually, we just had a bunch of personal items that we didn’t want to lug around, but our room didn’t have a safe. So we placed them in the Travelsafe™, cinched up the cable, and started looking around for something to lock it to. We found that the sturdy desk had a cross brace half way down the legs, which worked well enough to safeguard our stuff. Sure, someone could come in with a saw or cable cutters, but what are the odds? The casual criminal is looking for an easy target. Pacsafe products are not easy targets. And although we didn’t really expect that someone was going to break into our room, we certainly enjoyed the extra peace of mind of knowing that we wouldn’t be ripped off. That’s the whole point of the Pacsafe line.

One of the less tangible features we like about Pacsafe products is their versatility. I could take a business trip wearing a suit, and bring along the Ultimatesafe, and it wouldn’t look any more out of place than if I wore it while riding my bike to work. Like other Pacsafe products, it’s designed to blend in rather than stick out, and it does that well. If we had some sort of award program on our site, Pacsafe would certainly make the short list. It should be noted that the Ultimatesafe has gotten recognition from OutDoor Industry, Gearjunkie, and the Best Rated Reviews website, so we’re not alone in offering our praise.

– Brian

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