Outdoor Retailer Winter Show

After a couple of days packed with a shocking amount of meetings, I have a mountain of press kits to read, along with two swag bags full of stuff to review. More importantly, I’ve gotten out of that rut of focusing solely on cycling gear while there’s a foot of snow on the ground, which is quite depressing.

Most of 2010 was not a good year for me. While I did get married, my wife and I had a rough time with some medical issues, and missed out not just on quality time outdoors, but even Interbike, which is usually where I get the information and make the contacts the form the basis for much of what I write about during the year. So as I go into my 5th year of writing this blog, (yeah, even I can’t believe that!) I’m really stoked to share with my readers the companies and products that pique my interest. There will be no plastic bikes that cost as much as a good used car. No electronic shifters. No debate over shock platforms. Plenty of other sites and publications can cover that. I’m hoping to bring you innovation that you want and can afford. Products you can use and not feel guilty about environmental impact. Gear suited to all four seasons, because not everyone lives in Southern California. And gadgets and goodies that are not only useful, but don’t cause guilt or lectures when your better half finds out that you purchased them.

There you go, it’s out there. My promise for 2011. To all those wonderful PR and marketing people that took the time to meet with me, this is my promise to you as well. I didn’t plan a sit-down unless I saw something in your product that made me want to learn more, and then share it with others. So I’m also thanking you in advance for making this my biggest year yet.



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Richard Masoner

You’re chomping at the bit, Brian, and I’m looking forward to seeing the goods.

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