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It’s not that I have anything against winter, but it kinda sucks for shooting sports. Trying to fit in some outdoor range time has not been easy. Temps in the 20s or less, bitter wind, and snow are not conducive to shooting. Although we have access to a semi-private outdoor shooting area, we can’t use it in this weather. So the Project 10/22 range report is on hold. And we have another complete project, from a bare Brownells receiver, in the works. The first installment of that project won’t be published until after the final testing is done. So what does that leave us?

When it’s too cold to shoot rifles outdoors, why not shoot pistols indoors? With that in mind, we picked up some Ruger MKIV 22/45 pistols. After a few range trips, we saw the need to “improve” a few things. So you can expect some pistol articles as we modify them and share the results.

If you’re a fan of the Ruger Takedown 10/22 rifle or 22 Charger, we’ve got a piece of gear that might interest you. Copper Basin has sent one of their backpacks for review. Designed for takedown-style firearms, it will fit a variety of Rugers (10/22, 22 Charger, PC Carbine) as well as some AK and AR pistol variants. There are others that will fit, but we’ll test it with what we have on hand. So far, it has impressed me. I’ve reviewed plenty of backpacks over the years, and have a good handle on what works and what doesn’t.

As if I wasn’t already impatient for better weather, we also got a steel KYL (Know Your Limits) target setup. This one is not only robust, but goes from 2″ targets to 1/4″ in 1/4″ increments. Really looking forward to testing the rifles and ringing some steel. And as we teach new shooters, the feedback from steel should be rewarding.

One final review item is also part of our long-term gear. Phone Skope sent us a setup for review. Paired with a spotting scope, I’ve been getting some nice wildlife images. The plan is to use it for recording some of our outdoor shoots as well. Pretty excited to see what we can get with closeup video of targets and a high frame rate.

Anyway, that’s what’s in the works right now. Check back soon for some actual interesting content. And if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below, or visit the “contact” page to reach out to me.


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