Publicity stunt or nut job?

Ok, so everyone on the planet is probably aware of Falcon Heene and his dad’s homemade flying machine.  He’s the 6 year old from Colorado that supposedly was in his dad’s foil and helium balloon when it took off, but missing when it landed. It’s all over CNN, Facebook, Twitter, and every other site we all waste office hours with.

But is Richard Heene doing this as some sort of publicity stunt, or is his son really missing? I only ask because of the comments on this link.

Something’s not right. Let’s hope this doesn’t end badly.

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I’m really starting to believe this is a big publicity stunt! I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t teach their kids proper table manners & on top of that, it’s obvious that this guy (Dad) is attention hungry….
I only hope the kids are going to be ok, it’s not their fault that they have nut-job parents!


Shamefully, this one post saw my traffic triple from the usual figures.

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