Review: Skechers GOwalk Women’s Shoes

Shortly after arriving on the footwear scene, Skechers became one of the hottest brands among teens and young adults. Their first offerings were skate shoes and industrial-style boots. From there, the product line grew exponentially, with hip styles to suit just about every fashion sense. Today, Skechers has footwear for sports, school, the office, and everything in between, with appeal that extends far beyond their original demographic. As business casual continues to blur the line between work and play, it’s getting much easier to sneak a comfortable, casual shoe into the “business” wardrobe. With that in mind, Mrs. Outsider was fortunate enough to receive a pair of Skechers GOwalk shoes in basic black, which she kindly reviewed for our readers.

First off, this is a shoe for people that are on their feet all day. Doesn’t matter whether they are walking most of the time, or just standing for long periods, Skechers designed a shoe for them. At roughly 3.5 ounces for the women’s shoe, they are extremely light. The flexible upper is paired with an equally flexible sole that promotes a natural stride by moving with your foot. Adding to the comfort is the OrthoLite┬« anti-microbial sockliner, allowing them to be worn without socks, while still keeping feet dry and stink-free. The smooth lining also contributes to overall comfort, as does the stretchy fabric that provides for ease of entry and exit, while offering outstanding fit for a lace-less shoe.

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All those design features and fancy materials don’t mean much if the shoes can’t live up to their promises. Mrs. Outsider lives within walking distance of work, and spends her entire shift standing and walking. Quality footwear makes the difference for her between a good day, and a miserable day. After only a few days in the GOwalk shoes, they became her favorite footwear. They fit true to size, are comfortable without socks, and have excellent moisture and odor management. Of course, with women’s shoes, fashion also weighs heavily in the equation. She was surprised at how many compliments they got. Every conversation was nearly identical as well. First there was a comment about how cute they looked, then a follow up question about comfort. That led to the inevitable inquiry about what brand they were, or where are they sold. Speaking of which, if you don’t want to take our word for it, just go online and do a quick search for the GOwalk. Most reviews are pretty unanimous, with the words “Best shoes ever” being applied an inordinate amount of times. It appears that Skechers has a definite winner here.

For those that prefer something other than a basic slip-on, there are a few other options of the GOwalk for women, including a Mary Jane style, and even some lace-ups. In total, we counted 38 color/style options. That should cover even the most finicky of shoe fashionistas. And similar technology can be found in the GOrun line, should you be inclined to pick up the pace a bit. We’d like to thank Skechers for the opportunity to review the GOwalk, as the final results were better than expected. Looks like they managed to add a genuine performance element to their line that may have been lacking before.

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– Brian/Mrs. Outsider

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