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Sock Guy Cancer Sucks

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. SockGuy is supporting cancer research with socks and arm warmers. SockGuy will donate 20 percent of the proceeds on the sales of these socks and arm warmers to the and Save the Ta-Tas organizations. This money will serve to help these people to raise money to find a cure.

By purchasing these SockGuy products you are not only helping to find a cure for breast cancer but you are also going to treat yourself and your feet to some very nice, comfortable, socks that really perform. My family has been wearing several styles of socks from SockGuy and I can say that we really like them. These socks fit my feet well, perform great, and look good.

The CancerSucks Pink socks have a 2 inch cuff and all of the great features you would expect like Stretch to Fit and the SockGuy Easy-fit cuff. The CancerSucks Black socks sport a 3” cuff. My wife has been wearing the CancerSucks Pink socks and she loves them.

Sock Guy Save The Ta-Tas

The Save the Ta-Tas are made with 75% Ultra-wicking Micro Denier Acrylic, 15% Nylon, and 10% Spandex for exceptional comfort and strength just like the CancerSucks socks. And just like them the Save the Ta-Tas socks offer the same Stretch to Fit and other features.

Their Save the Ta-Tas arm warmers are great for runners, hikers and cyclists. These arm warmers feature dual arm-cuffs, articulated mid-sections and elasticized wrist-cuffs. Having used arm and leg warmers myself cycling, I can say they offer a great way to regulate your body temperature without you having to carry a lot of bulky clothes.

Besides the gear that supports cancer research, SockGuy offers a variety of products in many styles and intended uses. With sports socks, dress socks, hiking socks, warm and cold weather socks and more you can find a sock to fit your needs. I use the Dragon cycling socks myself and can say that this style works great. I‘ve also used the performance crew socks as well as SockGuys‘ SGX line. I‘ve been well pleased with these and found them to be comfortable and durable.

The CancerSucks and Save the Ta-Tas socks have an MSRP of $10.95. The Save the TaTas arm warmers sell for $21.95. Help support cancer research and treat your feet to some luxury at the same time. Head over to to see the whole line of quality socks that SockGuy offers.

– Mark

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