Timbuk2 Mutt Mover Backpack

Timbuk2 Mutt Mover Backpack
Timbuk2 Mutt Mover Backpack

Quite a while ago, Timbuk2 was kind enough to send us their Mutt Mover backpack. It’s designed for those of us that want to take our small dogs with us, and perhaps pamper them a bit at the same time. But our own dogs – Felix, Chopper, and Buster, wanted nothing to do with it. Undeterred, we kept trying with our friend’s dogs, until we found two that loved it. So a special thanks to Kanga and Peanut, the two Chihuahuas who helped with this review. *Note that while they are very photogenic, they are not professional dog models. These are real dogs, that love to travel, and love the outdoors as much as any of our readers do.

Timbuk2 Mutt Mover Backpack
Zips open for easy pup loading

Made from a sturdy fabric with a tarpaulin liner and plenty of mesh for air flow, the Mutt Mover can handle dogs (or cats) up to about 20 pounds. It zips all the way open to reveal an interior with a paw print motif, but this feature also makes it easy to coax your (not our) pets into it. The zip-open windows on either side are at two different heights, so they fit shorter dogs (Kanga), or taller ones (Peanut). A simple strap inside has a clip for your dog’s collar or harness, and can be adjusted to keep them in place. On the front, there’s a pocket big enough for an iPad or similar sized items. There is also another pocket for keys, wallets, a phone, and of course, treats. Timbuk2 includes a food grade TPU folding water bowl, as they know the importance of keeping your best friends hydrated. Speaking of which, on one of the straps is a bottle opener, so you can enjoy a cold drink too.

Timbuk2 Mutt Mover Backpack
Peanut and Kanga travel in style

Kanga and Peanut joined us at a local park with their human parent, and after a little chat, we loaded Kanga in and went for a short walk. She seemed quite happy to peek out and enjoy the scenery, while her little legs got a rest. Peanut was a bit reluctant, but once clipped in, he settled in and seemed pretty content too. Together, they are small and light enough that we were able to fit both in at the same time, and while they would probably prefer to be side by side, they got along just fine. As we were taking the photos, you could hear the faint sound of little tails wagging inside

The build quality of the Mutt Mover is quite good, and the straps are easy to adjust for a variety of users. For added safety, there is a sternum strap to provide a bit of extra stability. On the side, you’ll find a mesh side pocket for a water bottle, and on top is a strap for easy lifting. Overall, it’s well thought out, and the way it opens flat makes it easy to clean, just in case. We know that Kanga and Peanut’s parents spend a lot of time outdoors, and enjoy taking their little furry friends on as many adventures as they can. With the Mutt Mover, they can continue to travel, and not worry when the pups are too pooped to walk. When traveling over rough terrain, or where there may be threatening critters, the Mutt Mover will keep your pet off the ground, and also give them a better view of things around them. Timbuk2.com

– Brian

We would like to thank Timbuk2 for providing the Mutt Mover for this review. While it didn’t work out with our own fussy dogs (all three are rescues, and they can get a bit nervous), Kanga and Peanut have both given it their wag of approval.

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