Spenco: Performance-Enhancing Sandals

Spenco® is a name long-associated with foot care, but until recently, they’ve only been known for inserts – arch supports, insoles, orthotics, and heel pads. All that has changed with their PolySorb® Total Support Sandals. Basically, they’ve taken all the features of their top-selling insoles (already worn by millions, and recommended by podiatrists) and applied them to an attractive line of sandals that promise to take care of your feet.

Spenco PolySorb® Total Support Sandals

With more than two dozen style and color options for men and women, there’s bound to be something that appeals to your sense of casual fashion. More importantly, each sandal offers excellent impact cushioning, and is designed with an orthotic-quality metatarsal arch support and heel cup, which can help reduce pronation and supination. Much more than just comfy footwear, these are high performance sandals. Slip them on after a ride, run, swim, or trip to the gym, and maintain the proper foot alignment, which, like core strength, is essential to better overall health and optimum musculoskeletal function.

Spenco was kind enough to provide the men’s Yumi (pictured above) for review. Actually, I think their rep offered them out of sympathy, when she found out that I didn’t change out of my motorcycle boots when I arrived at work each morning. Slipping them on after ten hours of being on my feet at a trade show, I quickly realized what I’d been missing. The molded heel cup and pronounced arch support positioned my foot correctly, something my boots weren’t doing. The soles provide excellent wet and dry traction, while being flexible enough for a more comfortable and natural stride. On casual days at the office, I’d wear them for 8-10 hours, then keep them on for my evening walk. Although they may be intended for after workouts, they’re so comfortable, you’ll find yourself wearing them every chance you get. I know I do.

Spenco PolySorb® Total Support Sandals

The sandals are available in men’s sizes 7-13, and women’s 6-10. Check out Spenco.com for all the style and color options, and check back soon for a review of some of their PolySorb® Insoles as well. They’re a great way to add comfort to your favorite shoes.

– Brian

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