Spotlight Turbo Rechargeable LED Light

I hope no one thought we’d let October slip by without repeatedly highlighting the fact that it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’re helping to raise awareness in a couple of ways. One of these is just mentioning it. If that reminds women about the importance of exams and early detection, then we’re doing our part. If it opens a dialogue about the subject, that’s good too. But it shouldn’t be a once a year topic, so we try to come up with reminders that last all year long. And what better way than to give away something pink?

Spotlight Turbo rechargeable LED light Pink CaddyGot your attention, right? Well, we already reviewed a few of the different rechargeable LED flashlights from Spotlight, and anyone who’s been following the site for a while should be familiar with the brand by now, so we’ll just cut to the chase. The Turbo is a compact LED light sporting a 0.5 watt bulb, with an output of about 35 lumens.  That translates to a light that shines for up to 150 feet, although the useful range is much less. More importantly, it can run for over 180 minutes on a single charge. It’s also quite water resistant, since it’s completely submersible.

Spotlight Turbo LED rechargeable light with BarkeepSo what’s the gimmick? What outstanding features does the Turbo have that makes it different from other LED lights? There are a couple, actually. First, it’s recharged via the 12V accessory outlet in your vehicle. So plug it in and leave it to charge while you drive wherever it is you drive to. As long as you can remember that part, it’s always ready when you need it. But what we really like is that with the addition of the “Barkeep” accessory, you can mount the Turbo on your bicycle handlebars. Although it’s not super-bright, it’s certainly bright enough to light the roadway in front of you, or add to your overall visibility. If you don’t have a car (more power to you!), it can be recharged via an A/C adaptor, or even the USB adaptor. Both are optional accessories, and well worth it, in my opinion. Other available accessories include a keychain and lanyard, to wear it around your neck or clipped to a belt loop. There’s even a headband, which holds the turbo at about eye level, but off to one side of your head. Want to preserve your night vision? The Color Caps option includes a red lens cover. Spotlight has a whole page of accessories for the Turbo.

Spotlight Turbo rechargeable LED light with BarkeepYes, it’s a fun and handy little light. But we don’t think you should take our word for it. So we’re going to send out a couple to our readers, and let them offer a “guest opinion”. If you think you’re up to the task, just comment and let us know why we should send you one. There are two Pink Caddy Turbo lights available, but if we get enough compelling entries, we may send out more than two. A Barkeep (our choice of color) will be included as well. Rules are simple enough – must be a resident of the continental US, and comments must be posted no later than Midnight, MST,  on Sunday, October 21st. We’ll pick a winner later in the week, and announce them after they have been notified. Good luck!


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I am 65 years old and still young at heart, I (since I still drive) give free rides to people my age or older to church meeting ( and other places) some times we get caught out at night and it is hard for me to help them navigate, without a flash light that is always “dim” or missing from my car.

Rod Smith

I’ll be riding in the dark as the days get shorter. If it requires a car to charge, I can’t use it, but if it can be charged from an AC outlet or USB, please consider me for this cute little bike light.

John Lance

The Spotlights come with many different accessories, including an AC wall charger.

For this, and all other Spotlight brand items, you can contact me at or call 810-244-0909

We are the USA distributor for Spotlight. You can buy either retail or wholesale thru us.

Sarah Budde

This light sounds useful to me for two reasons! One, for keeping a small yet mighty light in my car for emergencies, and two, for bike riding when I want to get to work that way. I often work early enough that it’s still very dark out, and having a handier flash light would really help. Thanks!

Lyn Kelley

What a wonderful light. Small enough to carry in my purse or pocket but powerful enough to keep me feeling safer. And I really love that it holds such a long charge too. Thanks for the chance.

Gina H.

I’d love to win this to give to my aunt who is a 25 year breast Cancer survivor (& she loves all things pink!). I fill a Christmas stocking for every year & this would be perfect. Thank you!

Kim Henley

Oh I could really use this in my truck! Having a flashlight that i can recharge would be so much nicer than having to worry if the batteries are worn out- especially on those walks after dark!

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