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I am 65 years old and still young at heart, I (since I still drive) give free rides to people my age or older to church meeting ( and other places) some times we get caught out at night and it is hard for me to help them navigate, without a flash light that is always “dim” or missing from my car.

Rod Smith

I’ll be riding in the dark as the days get shorter. If it requires a car to charge, I can’t use it, but if it can be charged from an AC outlet or USB, please consider me for this cute little bike light.

John Lance

The Spotlights come with many different accessories, including an AC wall charger.

For this, and all other Spotlight brand items, you can contact me at john@motorcityproducts.com or call 810-244-0909

We are the USA distributor for Spotlight. You can buy either retail or wholesale thru us.

Sarah Budde

This light sounds useful to me for two reasons! One, for keeping a small yet mighty light in my car for emergencies, and two, for bike riding when I want to get to work that way. I often work early enough that it’s still very dark out, and having a handier flash light would really help. Thanks!

Lyn Kelley

What a wonderful light. Small enough to carry in my purse or pocket but powerful enough to keep me feeling safer. And I really love that it holds such a long charge too. Thanks for the chance.

Gina H.

I’d love to win this to give to my aunt who is a 25 year breast Cancer survivor (& she loves all things pink!). I fill a Christmas stocking for every year & this would be perfect. Thank you!

Kim Henley

Oh I could really use this in my truck! Having a flashlight that i can recharge would be so much nicer than having to worry if the batteries are worn out- especially on those walks after dark!

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