Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini

The Strike Industries Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini lighters is a great non-firearm accessory for firearms enthusiasts. Since September is National Preparedness Month, it’s the perfect time to share it too. Now, I don’t want to get too much into what everyone should have as part of their preparedness kit. But a BIC Mini should always be on that list. Waterproof matches have their place, yet the convenience of a lighter cannot be denied. So why not make it fun and convenient to keep one on you? That’s what Strike Industries did with this little cover which mimics a magazine housing.

What the heck?

Yes, it’s a little magazine-shaped holder for your lighter. They used their experience with molding polymers to create this tiny Mag Lighter Cover. On one side is a belt clip, and the other side has a little button for lifting it up into ready mode. Think of that button like a rimfire pistol magazine follower button. Except that it needs to be pushed both up and down. It’s $8.95, available in one color, and has no spring, follower, or extended baseplate options. Heck, it’s probably even legal in California. Okay, it is. As far as I know.

The three components of the Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini
The three components of the Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini

Some assembly required

If you’ve ever assembled a model car, the contents of the package should be familiar. Two of the three molded plastic parts are still connected to the “tree”. So they have to be carefully removed. The design makes it easy to separate them, and there really isn’t any finish work necessary. You’ll need a sharp utility knife and some needle nose pliers, that’s it. The pieces are the inner body, outer body, and baseplate/belt clip. Test fit your lighter into the inner body. If it’s too loose, slap one of the four included stickers on the side to tighten up the tolerances. Then insert the inner body into the outer body from the bottom up. It only goes one way, due to the lifter. With that in place, slide the base/belt clip on just like a magazine baseplate.

Unboxed, pre-assembly, Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini
Unboxed, pre-assembly, Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini

Pro tip: Since you have to provide your own lighter, find a stealthy black one. They’re usually up near the register at your favorite store. Just keep looking until you find a black one. And note that two-packs might save you a little of that hard-earned cash.

Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini almost, but not quite assembled
Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini almost, but not quite assembled

Instructions for use

I’m going to skip right over the instructions for the belt clip part. To use the lighter, simply push the follower button upwards, to expose the lighter. As long as you have the coordination to thumb the flint wheel while hitting the gas, you should have a fire. If not, your lighter may be empty or broken. So replace as necessary.

Although Strike Industries does not expressly state that this item is ambidextrous, I find that it is. So if you are wrong-handed, know that you can still use it. Doing so will likely require a horizontal rotation of 180 degrees in order for your thumb to access the wheel and gas button. But it can be done. Or you can just pull the lighter out and put it back in facing the opposite direction. The Strike Industries website shows the Mag Lighter Cover with a lighter installed facing both ways.

Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini in "Happy to see you" ready position
Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini in “Happy to see you” ready position

Is this a serious article?

Strike Industries points out that their Mag Lighter Cover is a novelty item, not to be used to imitate an actual pistol magazine. So don’t get mad at me for not taking it too seriously. Truthfully, a lighter is part of any good EDC kit though. Whether it’s in your vehicle, on your person, or in a bag/purse/backpack, a lighter is handy for more than just smokers. When you have a legitimate need start a fire, it’s the easiest way to get that accomplished. There are far less people smoking cigarettes, so you can no longer expect one of out five people to have a lighter on them when you need one. Start a fire, melt the end of some paracord, or remove the lighter to perform a life-saving operation. Yes, you can open a bottle of beer with your BIC.

I read all the documentation included with the Mag Lighter Cover, and on the website. Nowhere could I find any mention of the fact that the lighter should not be used for certain tasks. Yet I am sure that it should never be used to light a pumpkin spice candle. With that season just around the corner, it’s my duty to make sure end users are aware of this.

Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini in covert undercover position
Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini in covert undercover position

Okay, I’ll be serious

This is a great little product that is both fun and useful. I’ve never worried about my lighter getting crushed or damaged, as they are made from Delrin. But they do get lost or misplaced. That may happen less often when it’s in a cover that cost a few times more than the lighter. Next time you’re placing an order from Strike Industries, toss a couple of these into your cart. They are handy, and they make great gifts. Friends that are smokers, preppers, or firearms enthusiasts would certainly appreciate one. I know I appreciate mine. Check it out at

I’d also like to thank Strike Industries for providing their Mag Lighter Cover for this article. They make a whole bunch of great products, but sometimes it’s the little things that get missed. So I’m happy to be able to share this with my readers.

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