Riton Optics Unveils the 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch LPVO

So far, my experience with Riton is limited to a scope that I have been testing for a couple of weeks now. But it’s left me impressed with the quality provided at its reasonable MSRP. Their new optic looks to do the same – not only perform well, but do it at a wallet-friendly price.

Tucson, AZ (September 2022) -Riton Optics is proud to introduce the 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch! A rugged, versatile and feature-rich low power variable optic (LPVO), developed in partnership with the legendary Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch.

Designed and engineered to withstand the rigors of extreme use, while offering class-leading clarity, Riton Optics built the 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch riflescope specifically for Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) platforms. Riton Optics, Clint and the Thunder Ranch team put their minds together to build this optic, so users can shoot with confidence knowing that this optic has earned the right to wear the Thunder Ranch Shield and Lightning Bolt!

Riton Optics 5 Tactix 1-6x24 Thunder Ranch LPVO
Riton Optics 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch LPVO

5 Tactix specs:

The true 1x to 6x Second Focal Plane (SFP) optical system of the 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch was engineered to offer shooters distortion-free target acquisition with both eyes open at 1x, for quick and accurate engagements at close to medium range. Rotate the integrated throw lever to 6x, and shoot with confidence at extended ranges while maintaining a crystal clear field of view.

Equipped with the all-new “THR” bullet drop compensator reticle, the 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch was optimized specifically for the 55gr. 5.56/.223 shot out of a 16″ barrel. Precise aiming points for 25, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 yards, along with 5 and 10 MPH wind holds, provide shooters the confidence needed to make precision shots out to 500 yards without ever touching the dial.


Activate the daylight bright, green illuminated reticle by turning the 6-step illumination knob on the left side of the optic to the desired brightness. Additionally, the 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch also features an off setting between each brightness level so the reticle can be turned off quickly when desired.

Precise and tactile windage and elevation adjustments on the 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch are easily achieved via the low profile 2/10 MRAD zero resettable turrets housed under the robust machined aluminum turret caps. The one-piece aluminum 30mm main body tube of the 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch riflescope keeps the weight to 22.2oz, while offering the rugged lifetime durability Riton Optics is known for.

Riton Optics 5 Tactix 1-6x24 Thunder Ranch LPVO
Riton Optics 5 Tactix 1-6×24 Thunder Ranch LPVO

“Anyone that knows me, knows I run my gear hard, and that includes my scopes. Simply put, these scopes work, and they last. Enough said.”

Clint Smith, Founder & CEO of Thunder Ranch.

Introducing the new 5 Tactix 1-6x24 Thunder Ranch

About Riton Optics:

Born In The Heart Of the Wild West straight out of Tucson, Arizona, Riton Optics’ goal was to bring quality and affordability to the optics industry with the greatest focus being you: the customer and end user. In the initial years of the business, the focus was on market research, design and testing to ensure the Riton optics line could meet all demands of the end user.

With a staff of avid shooters and hunters, the product line originates from practical, real world applications providing you with the quality and functionality needed in a variety of applications. The optics are then put through a series of tests by internal experts, as well as Tier One military personnel, law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and hunters all around the world. Riton has continued to grow our product line and market share each year through the continual development of new product requested by you.

You Will See the Difference

At Riton we have an unwavering passion for offering high quality optics at the industry‘s most competitive prices and matched by incredible service. With each and every order we strive to surpass your expectations. From your first look through our Riton High Density glass to your interaction with our customer service team in Tucson, Arizona, we are confident that you will appreciate the quality of our service and products.

You will see the difference in everything we do because we are different, and we developed this company to be exactly that so that you, the consumer, get everything you deserve. Visit www.RitonOptics.com

About Thunder Ranch:

In 1993, Thunder Ranch®, Inc. opened to show not only innovative training, but numerous range designs and functions of a type not seen before in one facility. Clint is a contributor to American Handgunner, American Cop, GUNS and SWAT magazines and has published articles in many other national and in international publications.
With various facilities and installations spread out across nearly 900 acres of beautiful Southern Oregon, Thunder Ranch is more than just a clever name. As the premier destination for world-class firearms training, nothing short of excellence would do. Visit www.ThunderRanchInc.com
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