Sunrace Sturmey Archer gets back in the game, in a big way

I just saw this on their blog today. Not really too much info, other than the fact that they’re going to be offering new groups for road and MTB, but it looks like some pretty sweet product.

They’ve been kinda laying low for a while, (their websites haven’t been updated in way too long!) and it looks like they’re ready to jump in the fray. Remember not too long ago, when Shimano was the only competitive choice for MTBs? Then SRAM decided to steal a slice of their pie, and hasn’t that turned out to be good for us? Now we’ve got another option, which will breed the kind of competition that can only benefit cyclists.

I’m looking forward to the day when we get to debate SRAM vs Sunrace vs Shimano, or Campagnolo vs Sunrace vs Shimano.

Sadly, I won’t get the scoop before anyone else, as they’re only go to be at the Interbike outdoor demo, and I’m only going to the convention in Vegas. If I can squeeze anything out of them before then, I’ll post it here.

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Wow, nice find there on that news. Interesting.


You forgot FSA, they announced earlier this year.

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