Support of the Zensah Super Bra

The Zensah Super Bra ($39.99) is a lightweight supportive sports bra. It‘s no surprise a brand like Zenzah, known for their compression sleeves, has come out with a bra promising support for light to moderate activity. I took this USA made underwear on a weeklong road trip filled with hiking, biking, fireside yoga, and lots of car time, Lets see how super the bra was.

Design: Unlike most sports bras on the market, the Super Bra has no seams or tags. HURRAY! No need to worry about chafing here. The fabric is Zensah‘s own moisture wicking and anti-odor material. The front and back panels are a mesh that breathes well, and the cups are more solid for support. Super Bra‘s straps are of the same material that is so soft it‘s been said to be almost silky. The bra is in the style of a racer v-back.

Functionality: True to the Zensah reputation, the bra does its job: support. With the help of their own Zensah fabric, the bra‘s support comes from their Zoned ribbing technology.

Zensah Super Bra, front

Fit: The straps are thin but ultra soft. I found that because there are parallel straps on both sides, they stayed in place instead of riding up the base of the neck, which can cause hot spots. They also seem to be very durable with a moderate amount of stretch, which makes the piece easy to get on and off without any shoulder contortions. There is no adjustability in the straps, which means no hooks, buckles, or Velcro to cause irritation.

The bottom band is wider than most other bras and has Zoned Ribbing that adds a level of support and comfort without adding bulk. In terms of elastic it is the right amount of stretch, making it easy to get on and off but not firm enough ever leave imprints.

The cups have a little less stretch than the straps and band in order to provide appropriate support. Personally, they were very soft and through lots of rigorous activities I had no signs of chafing.

Zensah Super Bra, back

Room for Improvement: The one area I would improve is that the straps are too long for my chest. I would either like to see a size x-small (they currently come in small, medium, & large), or adjustable straps. However, adding adjustable straps would take away from their seamless design.

Conclusion:  The Zensah Super Bra is very comfortable but only minimally supportive. It is fantastic for lifting weights, hikes, or low bounce aerobics like spin classes, but not my ideal for running. Again, perhaps my chest is proportionally abnormal or I just needed a smaller size. I love the variety of colors offered and the seamless fit. In fact, don‘t judge, but after my week-long road trip I realized I had never changed bras because the Super Bra was so comfortable for travel!


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