UCO A-120 Comfort Fit Headlamp

I‘ve been using the UCO A-120 Comfort Fit Headlamp for a few months now. This headlamp is super comfortable, plenty bright, and easy to use. UCO says the A-120 is the thinnest, most comfortable headlamp on the market. While I haven‘t checked on it, I can say that the A-120 is thinner than any other headlamp that I‘ve tried and it is really comfortable.

The A-120 Comfort Fit Headlamp uses a Cree XP-E LED that provides up to 120 lumens of output. A twist dial bezel is used to operate the headlamp. Twist the bezel one way to turn on the main LED. Continue twisting and the brightness increases to maximum. Simply twist the other way to turn on and dim the red LED. At certain positions of the dimmer, the brightness of the LED increases more quickly than others but overall operation is smooth. There is no need to remember the sometimes complicated sequence of button pushes used on other headlamps. A hinge is provided at the bottom of the lamp to point the light where you are looking. I found myself adjusting the beam direction quite a bit, but adjustment is easy and the hinge is not noticeable. I like the simplicity and have found the A-120 to be pretty much fool proof.

UCO A-120 Comfort Fit Headlamp

Since the UCO A-120 headlamp is quite thin, the bulk of the light is close to the forehead so the light is nice and steady. The A-120 doesn‘t tend to snag on objects as you make your way around camp either. The battery pack on the rear of the light holds 3 AAA batteries (included) and is kept close to the head as well. A wavy spring like cord connect the battery pack to the lamp. This allows the pack to be be slid from side to side making it possible to lay your head on a pillow while wearing the headlamp.

The headband of the UCO A-120 is made from a soft neoprene and is adjustable using Velcro. The strap holds the light in place well and feels great on the head. There isn‘t a lot of stretch to the headband which allows it to fit without a lot of tension on the head.

UCO A-120 Comfort Fit Headlamp

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The UCO A-120 Comfort Fit Headlamp including batteries weighs in at 102 grams, or 3.62 ounces on my scale, which is slightly less than the advertised weight. The UCO A-120 is not rechargeable so you will need to carry extra batteries if going on a long trip. I took the headlamp on a 3 night trip and a couple others and haven‘t used up the first set of batteries. I didn‘t do much night hiking and used the headlamp for camp chores and those necessary trips in the middle of the night.

The UCO A-120 Comfort Fit Headlamp retails for $39.99 which is a really good price in my opinion. The headlamp comes in a variety of colors and can be seen at www.ucogear.com.

– Mark

Thanks to Industrial Revolution for sending the UCO A-120 out for review. Like most people, we have limited budgets for gear and it is nice to be able to pay it forward by reviewing great products such as this, and passing along information that benefits everyone.

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