TdF coverage, or lack thereof

I won’t be offering any coverage of the 2007 Tour de France in my blog.

I figure everyone and their mother will be covering it, and besides, I find it to be something of a farce at this point. It will no longer be about who wins, but who wins and passes the drug test. The last time I watched it from start to finish, Greg Lemond was on the way to one of his wins. I also enjoyed Indurain’s reign of terror. But those days are over.

If you ask me, Lance Armstrong really brought cycling to more of America. Sadly, between him and Landis, the words “Doping” and “EPO” have now become household words. And even with all this publicity, my Amgen stock is still in the toilet.

So there you have it. Don’t expect any tour coverage from me, unless something really noteworthy happens. Like an Aussie winning.

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I wholeheartedly agree. Bicycles rock. Bicycling rocks. Putzing around on the bike path rocks. Commuting rocks. Touring rocks. Randonneuring rocks, too. Pro-level media-hype stuff? The BS is too thick to cut through.

Actually, with how huge the team budgets have gotten, I sort of wish they’d just get it over with and legalize doping so that everyone had some kind of chance to be on a level playing field again. Then, maybe, I’d get interested again.

I, for one, thank you for your semi-boycott of this disgrace to cycling as a credible sport.


Hey, Robbo took the first stage. That’s a win for the Aussies, so I don’t even have to pay attention any more.

Jock, Paul, Brendan, and Alex – if you’re reading this, Cheers!


Thank you, Brian. If your entry is all I read about the TdF, I have read too much.

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